Leave Nigerian Youths Alone and Face Your Leadership RSHIP Struggles In The Ruling Party , APC.


By Ini Morgan

I think it is now the right time to write my 4th Epistle to President Buhari. Because he left the APC to some greedy politicians, now he is left with negotiating the leadership of the party with these selfish men and women.

Those who read this notice and are close to Mr President should submit this advance warning to him: he should not plunge this country into anarchy, God had a good reason for making him come out of retirement to truncate the anarchy that President Jonathan’s term would have become. Mr President must know that Nigeria is not yet out of this possibility during his remaining stay on office. Nigeria has been set to burst by the failure of 19 years of democratic rule, and we, the people, are now combustible.

I will do my best to support Mr President and wishing him his best fortunes from the Almighty God, until I find that he has lost composure completely, when it becomes obvious that he has wasted this God given opportunity, which he sought all his active years in politics and failed but only succeeded after retirement. It can only be God – Buhari had before now been serially rejected: I want to be known for been very bold and very truthful.

Mr President has lost Nigeria and Nigerians to some political rascals but not completely yet. He needs to stand up on his feel now, and now! He has sat up no doubt, by his rejection of the tenure elongation of the APC leadership, but that generated a raging struggle for the institution of double standards – all these men clamouring for their best political interest, after having failed, were complaining like we ate doing before now – we trusted some lying deceives.

This fight does not need President Buhari’s buttocks on his seat nor his back on his bed; it needs Mr President’s feet on the ground, in military fashion. When did Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, +psc become a bloody coward?. Nobody respects himi any more. He has become lame and a pitied man, and he will have only himself to blame after he has been disgraced. His honour and rating as a past president depends on what he does now and I will help him.

Yes! President Buhari was very wrong to blame Nigerian youths for their laziness and illiteracy. And to add a lie to hos false accusation, President Buhari alleged that these set of Nigerians “eye oil money” – I am still not sure he said that. The category of Nigerians Mr President refers thereby as lazy are busier than members of his cabinet. I blame him for allowing the clearing of roads when he is applying them, sitting under a this noted screen, even when his citizens have been cleared off by his transit, like lepers in Israel, otherwise Mr President would see young men and women on our highways running after vehicles, selling items of needs to tired commuters inside vehicles – service delivering for those held up by our bad toads and police system for long hours.

Some going about with hand trucks scavenging at our gabbage sites! It was wrong for President Buhari to blame our youths who are illiterate for laziness. It was a big lie. I have a very sound mind and those who have not yet met me sometimes mistake my status, especially when they try to assume who Ini Akpan Morgan is, because I have observed that so many of my social media contacts have varying expectations from me, I sometimes seek boldness to say I am helpless too. Angel Ukpong sent me some money to treat a bout of ulcer I just recovered from.

Mr President in London has classified me as lazy because I have just shown how very busy our illiterate youths are, maybe our President meant to say literate youths in Nigeria are lazy seeking oil money – yes! correct!!. I stand in the gap for the youths of this country in this category. I will tell Mr President with my own story, as a “lazy” Nigerian from when I was 25 till now that I am 53, why I have been lazy.

I will let President Buhari know why I am “lazy” though not “an illiterate”. Its a lie he told on our illiterate youths Nigerians. It cool though that I am still “lazy” but I keep keeping on in life pursuing my life with my well deserve respect accorded me accordingly. Mr President, so that Donald Trump does not confirm his “shit hole” accusation against the black man, MUST as a matter of fatherly decency apologise to illiterate Nigerian youths.

I am sure it is this kind of mind frame that made Mr President to refuse his assent to the Nigeria Peace Corps bill sent in for the employment of not less than 20,000 Nigerians. Not only would Mr President apologise to the Nigerian youths, he has to revoke his veto on the bill and sign in the Nigeria Peace Corps Act 2018 or explain to Nigerians why he would not. Mr President’s frame of mind is now challenged by his utterances and dispositions and we want this be sure this is not so. I am still with Mr President, I can forgive his political naivety but would fight him if he submits to political satanism by allowing a few failed men perpetuate themselves illegally and greedily.

Mr President must as a matter of fact choose decisively whether he will go into the 2019 polls with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu leading him into it and standing by him as his running mate, or he goes with the team of political rascals, in the hands of whom he left the APC until his rejection of the tenure elongation they seek for themselves. Now what these men could not get through being smart, I wish they were clever, by admitting why they should not openly disgrace Mr President after rejecting their plan A, are desiring to ease him out with a fake honour. This would have been more honourable if President Buhari had not announced his second term bid for the presidency.

There is nothing left for President Buhari to renegotiate with the APC governors concerning the released convention committee list and a timetable. He should reject anything Oyegun does. What is left for Mr President to do is to take the leadership of the APC by force: violent men receive violence by force – I regret not having Obasanjo wear this shoes – all of them would have humbly returned to their roost, and they would pray you get there alive. Okadigbo would tell when met in the by and by.

Mr President, now is time for you to either cast your lot with the Asiwaju or you let him take his political “break” in peace: yes! the Ask waju has been on political break and Mr President is now pretending he did not ask for a Tinubu reconciliation – by this his mind frame is hereby also under question. And dies Mr President know what that would do to him? It will throw him up as an opportunist, a traitor and an ungrateful man.

The situation is already very bad, almost very difficult for the Asiwaju to redeem, but I know he knows his capacities. He has lost so much time since January when Buhari appointed him to begin a reconciliation in the APC, now I wished he did not start this. President Buhari personally announced this appointment to Nigerians. Is he now surprised that till now the Asiwaju has not been allowed to do the job he was assigned to do?

Has he not noted how the formerly dormant leaders of the APC, who lived lame for 3 years became active after he announced the settled ng up of the committee? They started with tenure elongation and now trying to force the party’s national convention, which they foresaw earlier as potentially rancorous and meaning no good for the party. They are not people Mr President should trust. Nigeria remains President Buhari’s responsibility for now.

In my letter, I will ask Mr Preaident to either allow Tinubu proceed with his reconciliation work and advising him on the dates for the convention and congresses, which in my opinion can hold in the 4 weeks of June, holding weekly, giving the Tinubu committee the 4 weeks in May to stabilize the APC, or you allow him lead you out of the APC. Yes! Mr President should consider leaving the House of Greed for them – Atiku Abubakar won a court case as a sitting Vice President flying the president flag of an opposition party. Mr President you can do it. Tinubu is a master negotiator, if you trust him, you will land well. This way you will pull the carpet from under the feet of the grabbers in APC, and they would become obvious losers.

Mr President must know that the APC has its soul, the components of which include Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu and the legacy parties made up of ACN, CPC, ANPP and APGA. These are what President Buhari needs to stand with at this juncture. Today strange men are yarning nonsense in the party where he is the supposed national leader – let’s watch them muzzle him and make him become helpless to fail his 2019 Presidential bid. These men and women are used to killing their landlords and taking rents from their illegally acquired “properties”. Mr President is politically naive and only Bola Tinubu can cure him of this naivety.

God punish all political criminals! Amen!!

I am still Ini A Morga


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