Find a Lasting Solution to Herdsmen Menace – Ohanaeze Tells FG

Whether Fulani herdsmen are tribal fundamentalists or remainder of mujahedeen from Gaddafi’s fallen  Libya alleged to have had infiltrated herdsmen, carrying out terror killings there are cogent reasons to clean up and put the herdsmen under serious security checks for their merciless killings, destruction of peoples’ farms and equating cow lost to rustlers worth same with host communities’ human lives. There is the need to make a lasting solution including security screening, rearing registration, and regulation of herdsmen activities because it is giving Nigeria state a damaging reputation, home and abroad.
Though the Federal government is expected to be leading in finding a lasting solution to .the Fulani herdsmen menace the Federal security networks, especially military, police and National Orientation Agency are expected to be well equipped to not only provide peace and security but enlightenment trainings that would bring it to bear that human live is inestimable and there is overwhelming needs for both the herdsmen and host communities to allow the military, police and State Security Services, SSS and National Orientation Agency to be on top of every security breach and maintaining law and order.
Meanwhile, we appeal to the herdsmen to always allow rule of law take precedence since we are in a democracy and the military, Police, SSS et al; should be given enough logistics and equipments to eradicate herdsmen menace currently placing Nigeria in a bad light and debased status before the international community for migrant cow rearing is outlandish to jet age reality. .
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
President, Ohanaeze Youth Wing


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