Assemblies Of God Writes Plateau State Government, Says Yakubu Pam Remains Ex-Communicated.

Rev Yakubu Pam
The Registered Trustees of Assemblies Of God Nigeria has written a Protest Letter to the Plateau State Government over the activities of a Dismissed Minister of the Church Rev Yakubu Pam.
The Church Reacting to the Recent appointment of Rev Yakubu Pam as the Chairman of the Plateau State Pilgrims Welfare Board, said the Church is Opposed to the Appointment of Rev Yakubu Pam into such Office in view of his Suspension and Dismissal by the General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in 2015.
Assemblies Of God Letter
The Letter signed by the General Secretary of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Godwin Amaowoh and addressed to the Governor of Plateau however appreciated the Government for the Opportunity afforded the Church to be heard.
“We have received Information that your Government has appointed Rev Yakubu Pam as Chairman Plateau State Pilgrims Welfare Board. We vehemently oppose to such appointment in view of his Suspension and Ex-Communication by the Church.It is sending a wrong signal in Christendom in Nigeria. A Letter has been written to the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) to this effect”
“Rev Yakubu Pam who is dissatisfied with the Church decision is now using his position in Christian Association of Nigeria Plataeu State Chapter to misinform and misled the Government of Plataeau for the purpose of feuling his Political Interest and to intimidate members of the Church who are Loyal to the General Council”
“He is currently parading himself as Chairman of the Northern Christian Association of Nigeria and the Northern Assemblies Of God Nigeria,we make bold to say that there is nothing like Northern Assemblies Of God Nigeria”The Church Said
Rev Yakubu has been using The position of CAN Chairman North that is not recognize by CAN constitution to mislead Northern politicians including Governors, Senators, police Commissioners etc.
He is giving cover to the so called Jos TST warriors as human shield to attack innocent Assemblies Of God law abiding members.
He is the sponsor of failed registration of Northern Assemblies of God for his selfish interest with the CAC


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