Calvary Greetings from Assemblies Of God Women’s Ministries Director-Stella Chidi Okoroafor

National Director of the Womens Ministries Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Mrs Stella Chidi Okoroafor
“With Jesus Joy,I greet Assemblies Of God Nigeria and the entire Christendom,the Lord has given us the privilege of witnessing the 2018 National Women’s Ministries Week,the THEME of this Years Week is “Sacrificing for the Revival of His Glory”
“The Church is indeed moving from Glory to Glory,I invite you to our Women’s Ministries Celebration on Sunday 13th May 2018
“Our Great Women of exploits,you have been enlisted for the manifestation of his manifold God.
Your Family,Business,Carrier and all that you will lay your hands to do shall to do in righteousness shall experience the revival, the door of favour and Gods Blessing shall continually open for you and your Family
Keep serving the Lord and winning more soul for the kingdom of God
“We look forward to the great harvest of soul during this women Ministries Celebration, we must de-populate the Kingdom of Darkness and convert more Souls for the Kingdom of God,this is the main duty of the church”.
“I pray for the overwhelming presence of God on all Clergy and Laity of Assemblies Of God Nigeria the entire all Christendom”
Let us keep running the Christian race in Righteousness, our God is too Faithful to us, he will reward and bless us on all sides,Keep Preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and remember that Jesus is coming back Soon.
God Bless you,
I am Rev Mrs Stella Chidi Okoroafor,Assemblies Of God Women’s Ministries Director


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