Horror in Umuahia north LGA headquarters as unknown persons kill pigeons pour blood in front of the chairman’s office


By Uche Aguoru

There was confusion this morning at the Umuahia north LGA headquarters as council workers resumed work this morning after the weekend holidays only to find bodies of dead pigeons littered around the council premises and the blood sprinkled round the entrance of the administrative building, this scene created panic amongst the council staff as they became afraid of going into their offices because of the perceived spiritual implication of such a sight.

A senior council boss who spoke with us on condition of anonymity said that this is the second time in two weeks that pigeons will be killed and the blood sprinkled around the entrance to the admin building where the offices of the chairman and other top council officials is situated. She hinted that there is no doubt that it is the practice of some fetish people who wants to unleash spiritual attacks on some persons within the council.

When contacted over the phone the council chairman Hon. Chidiebere Nwachukwu confirmed the incident, saying that whatever the intentions of the people who are indulging in such fetish practices are, have already failed as he has handed the council over to God and that no harm will come upon him or any of his staff.

He confirmed that this is the second time that he is witnessing such an unholy ritual in the council premises and that what is most worrisome is that the perpetrators usually sprinkle the blood of the pigeon in the entrance to his office but whatever their intentions are is still a mystery to him, as he has not offended any one nor conceived evil against anybody.

He said he believes in God for his guidance and protection and for that reason those who are trying to harm him will end up harming themselves.

He however promised to beef up security around the council premises and warned that anybody or group of persons caught within the council premises in such wicked and fetish practice will be meant to face the full wrath of the law.


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