Any Problem in Assemblies Of GOD Nigeria is Fixable-Chidi Okoroafor



General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has said that the Challenges in the Church are not permanent but Fixable.

Dr Okoroafor was speaking on Thursday at the Morning Session of the Ongoing 2018 Strategic Church Growth Summit for South South Zones 3 and 5 holding at the Nigerian Advance School of Theology Ewu Edo State Nigeria.

The Summit which is for Pastors of the Church in the Zones And Church Workers is aimed at improving on the current Structures in the Church among others

“I get worried when I see and hear some Pastors Even on pulpit openly Condemn this Church, some Pastors are responsible for the exit of their Children”

“I am not in anyway denying the existence of certain unpleasant tendencies in this Church. Such a Church is yet to exist, that has no ugly side or unpleasant occurrences, that is, things one would wish never existed. Many of these unfortunate incidences are concomitances of growth – not chronic sickness but very fixable ”

” The Nigerian Assemblies Of God is birthed in a multi ethnic nation, over three hundred languages. Let me, at this point, repeat that Assemblies Of God, more than any known Pentecostal Denomination in Nigeria, is very open to Leadership opportunities to ANYONE WHO IS GOD’S CHOICE FROM ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY. From the foundation of this Church, position is not based on where one comes From”.

“Unfortunately, some of us who seek Political relevance in the Church and who could not find a place in the Spiritual space dangerously find solace in waving ethic/tribal sentiment. This has led to the emergence of questionable characters as leaders of our Churches at various levels and the attendant consequence of backwardness. How can we vote an unfit fellow into an Office simply because he weeps sentiment of being the minority (not any or many of his people are in Office)”

” This Church cannot go down in our time. We must handle our weakness and yet give a good impression of this Church. Many a time, we use our own mouths to scare our children, friends and well-wishers from attending our services because of our negative impression and testimonies. If we must move forward, attract and retain people WE MUST SHOW AND EXPRESS OUR UNALLOYED LOVE FOR THIS GREAT DENOMINATION CALLED THE ASSEMBLIES OF OF GOD, NIGERIA”.


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