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Abia State Governor


I had deliquesced by sheer reservation before believing that Ebere Wabara actually authored this piece erroneously entitled “Abia 2019: Ukwa-Ngwa Resurrects” published in Daily Sun of Monday, July 16, 2018. Beside its illogicality, the disjointed essay was, to say the least, substantially hollow, incoherently incommunicative and factually deficient. Whatever motive that may have granted or necessitated such malicious composition could be outrightly deemed unachievable hence the episode entirely failed to convey any perceivable message. As a communication scholar, I had upon perusal classified the piece as a mere ‘rehearsal of vocabularies without theoretical substances and empirical values’ by an ethically debased journalist.

As concerned as I am; and ostensibly an Ukwa-Ngwa son, it is patriotic and religiously compelling that I activate certain professional norms to clear obvious misconceptions and mischievous allusions bitterly orchestrated by Wabara and his paymasters in the aforementioned but disjointed article.

This becomes necessary considering the fact that Wabara’s wild goose chase and failed compositional attempt may have been targeted at discrediting the historic endorsement of Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu by the people of Ukwa-Ngwa wherein he was expressly admonished to re-contest the governorship of Abia State in 2019 under the political platform of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). Assuming that was Wabara’s intention, then it is undeniably correct to conclude that the Ukwa-born essayist logically crumbled hence he overtly ended up showcasing an uncultured trait, wanton disrespect and unbridled disgust to his elders and leaders; an attitude that does not depict the character of a true Ukwa son.

After a failed attempt to discredit the Ukwa-Ngwa endorsement of Gov. Ikpeazu, Wabara in his easy recalled past events of 2015 Abia South Senatorial contest won by Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe after he defeated Chris Nkwonta, his kinsman, who contested under the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA). Not yet done, Wabara hurriedly assumed the job of the Nigerian Population Commission(APC) as he mischievously analyzed and compared the populations of the 7 Ngwa LGAs with the 2 Ukwa LGAs. He maliciously delineated and mapped out Aba from the traditional Ngwa enclave. Then his conclusions subjectively laced with tales of marginalization and innuendos pointedly suggested that Wabara’s incoherent essay was not consistent with any tangible message.

Without holding brief for anybody including the governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, I will state categorically and factually that the March endorsement of the governor was sufficiently anchored on good performance and excellent leadership. Given to available statistics and visible infrastructure, Ikpeazu is popularly adjudged a ‘performer’. It is also a good omen and tradition in the political circle for people to express, demonstrate and pledge their support through pronounced and dramatized endorsement. That, indeed, was what the people of Ukwa-Ngwa observed and voluntarily demonstrated recently at Ngwa High School, Aba.

I had on my own endorsed that ‘great declaration’ after an independent investigations and assessment which involved a discreet and self-sponsored tour to some of the completed and ongoing projects in the three(3) senatorial districts of Abia. Upon factoring-in what I christened ‘Aba Wonders’ by Ikpeazu, I took a frantic decision and stopped my opposition against the governor. I felt it was unfair and morally unjustifiable to continue criticizing a governor that has changed the narrative of our people.

Why should I continue to discredit a governor that has within 3 years completed over 67 road projects including Kamalu Road, Ukaegbu Road, Umuola Road, Umuocham Road, Umule Road, Ommene Drive, Jubilee Road, Ehi Road, Hospital Road, Ube Street, Adazi Street, George’s Street, Echefu Road, ENUCRoad, St. Michael’s Road, Azikiwe Road, Pound Road, Owerrinta Road, Weeks Road, Park Road, School Road, East Road and Okwunauka Road?

Why should a right-thinking person attack Ikpeazu against supporting him for also completing Cameroun Road, Queens Road, Ehere Road, Umuojima Road, Umuojima-Owerrinta Road with Spur from Owerrinta to Umuocheala, Bata-Railway Crossing to Brass Junction, Ibadan Road, AharanduRoad, Onyebuchi Road, Umuehleigbu Road, Asphalt Overlay of dualized Aba Owerri Road, Ovom Road, Mosque Street, Umuatako Road, Asa Umuka-Ugwunagbo Obohia Junction Road, Owerri Road off Okigwe Road, Chima Nwafor Road and Mbawsi-Umuala Road in Isialangwa North LGA?

What about the completed Kaduna Street, Umuwaya Road, Road II, Federal Lowcost Housing Estate, Niger Road, Uwalaka Street,Link Road to Factory Road, Ubakala Street, Warri By Club Road, Bende Road, Army Checkpoint, Bank Road, Abia Tower Round About, Road 8 in Low Cost Housing Estate, Abam Street and Awolowo road all in Umuahia in addition to Operation Zero Pothole which has major streets in Umuahia resurfaced?

Why can’t they for once appreciate Ikpeazu especially on the Erosion Control Works at 6 Spots along Uzuakoli-Akara-Ohafia Road and Bende LGA including Imenyi, construction of Ugwuezi road in Abiriba which is the Phase 1 of the Abiribaring road and the completed the Eluama-Amibo-Acha Road in Isuikwuato LGA?

Have they forgotten in a hurry the governor’s Made-in-Aba Campaign that has gainfully unlocked and created several business opportunities for producers in Aba? An effort that has attracted over N3B direct orders and requisition into Aba that have created additional employments and engagement of about one million employees and apprentices in the over 300,000 markets around the state? What exactly do we want in Abia?

With the massive endorsements of Ikpeazu by a cross-section of Abians and residents, it is indisputably becoming clear that his outstanding performance and leadership qualities have cordially endeared him to the electorate ahead of 2019. The governor has fairly and equitably carried all Abians along in terms of infrastructural/project distribution and political appointments. The people of Ukwa are dearly protected by Ikpeazu who has open-mindedly ensured that all that belongs to the oil-rich area are expressly accrued to them. These dividends include infrastructural projects, political appointments and entrepreneurial empowerments.

It is therefore gratifying to affirm that Ikpeazu’s second term will abundantly usher-in more development and prosperity to Abians. The appreciation and solidarity shown by Abians through several unsolicited endorsements will ultimately propel and motivate him to do more to his people after his reelection as governor of Abia State in 2019.

Ebere Uzoukwa, a journalist and public affairs analyst writes from Umuahia.


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