Chinedum Orji A Promise Keeping Legislator by Nwadiuto Nnabuto Okugo


__”People with good intention make promises, but people with good character keep them”

The above precept aptly describes the character, personality, and achievement of Engineer Chinedum Orji in his three years of office as the Majority Leader/Member Representing Umuahia Central State Constituency.

The Majority Leader (fondly called Ikuku OMA Abia by his admirers and associates) has delivered on his promises to his constituency.

It is instructive to note that independent investigations carried by MABSNEWS indicates that the Majority Leader has facilitated the acquisition of 15 functional transformer’s for his constituency to ameliorate continual cases of power fluctuations/outage’s. Wards/Communities that have benefitted from these “wind of grace/good fortune” are Azikiwe by School Road (500kv), Palm Lane Detention (500kv), Ubakala Street (500kv), Umuobasi Village (500kv), Umualala Amuzukwu (300kv), Mbara Amuzukwu (500kv), Enyiukwu Stampole (500kv),

Other beneficiaries include Ohobo (500kv), World Bank Health Center Road (500kv), PIU World Bank (500kv), and Okulaja (500kv). These are empirically verifiable, independently.

Similarly, Engr. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji has facilitated the construction of more than 20 boreholes as part of his kept promises to his constituency. Communities/wards that benefitted from these boreholes range from Methodist High School (Junior Primary), Holy Rosary Secondary School, Churchill Road, Awolowo Extension, Amuzukwu Girl’s Secondary School, Union Primary School, Amuzukwu Primary School to Amuzukwu Square, Ahia Orie Ugba, Timbers Road, World Bank Primary Health Care Centre, St. Michael Primary School, Mission Hill Primary School and Umuwaya Road Primary School.

It’s therefore, observed that Ikuku’s insight in facilitation of the provision of accessible, clean water to his constituent’s exemplifies the African saying that ” the cock drinking water, raises its head to God in thankfulness “.

What’s more, MABSNEWS ascertained that over nine(9) Schools (both Primary and Secondary Schools) had been renovated through the facilitation of the Majority Leader. Further findings showed that in the process of renovations, new classrooms and toilet facilities were constructed entirely a new.

Beneficiaries of these developmental gestures are Amuzukwu Girls Secondary School, School of the Blind Afaraukwu, Mission Hill Primary School, Union Primary School, Umuwaya Road Primary School, Loretta Primary School and the Central Police Station (CPS). Again, it is noted that these developmental strides initiated and completed by Engr. Orji for his Constituency has proven the African dictum that ” a large chair does not make a king”, and that “if relatives help each other, what evil can hurt them”?

Furthermore, the principal of Amuzukwu Girls Secondary School, Mrs Nwoko I.A, expressed exceptional happiness for the renovations in her School and profusely thanked the Leader, Chinedum Orji. Also the Matron of the World Bank Health Centre thanked Leader for extending NHIS tentacles if development to the centre and emphasized that patients now come to the Centre for their health Challenges bearing in mind that the facilities have been renovated to a functional level.

Consequently, MABSNEWS investigations have revealed that the operational mind set of Engineer Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji, Majority Leader, Abia State House of Assembly, is anchored on the axiom that ” to talk much and arrive nowhere is the same as climbing a tree to catch a fish”.

These findings on the achievements of Ikuku OMA Abia by MABSNEWS are open for discreet/independent validation or rebuttal.

“Seeing is believing”, Development strides from Engr. Chinedum Orji to his constituency.



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