Oshiomhole will destroy APC says Lasun Yusuff

APC National Chairman Adams Oshiomele
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Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lasun Yusuff, has warned that Adams Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of All Progressives Congress may destroy the party.

Yusuff said this while expressing his dissatisfaction with the election outcome of recent Osun State governorship primary election which he lost.

Speaking at an event in Abuja yesterday, Yussuff said those who organised the primary were trying to destroy the party.

But he said he will not abandon APC or take the party to court over the primary.

“No. I am not going to leave the party, I am a member of the APC. Nobody can drive me out of the APC, instead, I will be the one to drive people out of APC.

“Nobody can drive me of APC. But, those who organised that primary know they are going to destroy that party.

“I did not accept the outcome of the primary election. Why would I accept that kind of primary, where a direct primary was conducted in my state, one week after another form of primary was conducted in another state.

“And I hope the chairman will wake up. That chairman is going to destroy that party. The chairman of that party is going to destroy tit.

“Let me be specific, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is going to destroy APC. I have not spoken since that primary, but I am speaking now. Nobody can drive me out of that party. I am a member of APC.

“I am going to stay right inside there, if the party is going to collapse, let it collapse on all of us. If it is going to survive, we are going to survive in it together.

On the impeachment notice served on Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State by eight lawmakers, the Deputy Speaker said: “What is going on in Benue is sickening. It is not constitutional. It is not reasonable. It is not morally right and it can never be supported by anything.

“I still don’t believe people can still go back to that kind of level where out of a 30-members House, eight will seat and serve an impeachment notice on a serving governor. They are not covered by the constitution.

“I am not supporting the governor now. First and foremost, the constitution must be followed. You have a 30-member House, in the constitution to serve an impeachment notice on the governor, you first of all start with one third, which is 10.

“Ten must sign, after that, it goes to second reading. The second reading must be supported by two thirds of members. After that, there will be a seven-man committee that would be set up”

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