Assemblies Of God Inaugurates Edo South District as Rev Emmanuel Irabor Emerges First District Superintendent


The General Council Assemblies Of God Nigeria today Inaugurated The Newly Created Edo South District of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

The General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor who Presided over the Formal Inauguration and Bye Election of the New Disrict the Executive Committee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria granted the Request for the Creation of the New District in response to the Application for Creation.

“Overtime, there have been great Application for the Division of Edo East, Panels have come, at a time it was seen that you are ripe for Division, the overall Division was that you should wait till the Appointed Time and I want to make you that the Appointed Time is Today”

“The Executive Committee Finally Decided to grant the Request for the Division fully endorsed by the Existing Presbytery”

“We are going to do both Creation and Bye Election”

“All the Positions in Edo East will expire by March 2019 when the District”

The Newly Inaugurated Edo South Has 58 Ordained Ministers, 20 Licentiate, 16 Exhorters, 5 Christian Workers and 4 Lay Preachers with a Total Number of 11 Sections.

Edo South District had 129 Eligible Voters.

Speaking from Psalm 103:5 and Isaiah :40:31on the Topic “WANTED WANTED WANTED, EAGLE LEADERS” the General Superintendent Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor said a man that must be a Church Leader, you need to ask What he has done Before.

“If you look at the Verse, you will see the Particular Bird EAGLE that God used, Both God And Nigeria are Interested in Eagle”

“I know we have gathered here to Elect Leaders, not Leaders of a Political Party, Not Community Leaders, we are here to Elect Church Leaders”

“There are Kinds of Leaders, we have Pig Leaders, We have Vultures, for Edo South to more Forward, for Edo East To Move forward, we don’t need Vultures, God is Looking for Eagle Leaders”

The General Superintendent why explaining more on the Topic said Eagles move with their Kind, fly with their Kind and not Ordinary Bird.

“God Doesn’t Give Revelation to a Commitee, there must be a Leader, God Speaks through a Leader” Dr Okoroafor Said.

Rev Emmanuel Irabor Polled 92 Votes at the 3rd Elective Ballot to emerge as the New District Superintendent of the Brand New Edo South District.

Rev Irabor before now was a Member of the Edo East District Presbytery. As a Presbyter.

Elected Alongside Rev Emmanuel are Rev Lawani Joseph Ankoyomo as Assistant District Superintendent, Rev Ijeoma Edwin Afamefula (Retained) Secretary, Rev Innocent Irabor Treasurer, Rev Joseph Airahuobhor, Rev Ehimen Abu and Rev Ambert Ighede as Presbyters.

The General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor prayed for them after the Succesful Inauguration.


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