Arrest Of Biafran Women Is Unacceptable


Biafra National Guard has been following the report of the arrest of nearly 150 nursing and elderly mothers in Owerri. We are also aware that the women have been remanded and after investigation; we are convinced those mothers did nothing wrong or unlawful. Never in this world has peaceful protest become any form of threat; our mothers have the right to express their grievances in the most civil way they could. Walking without arms on the streets of Imo is not against the constitution of Nigeria and this underlined the fact that they were remanded because they are Biafrans.

The United Nations and African Charters clearly stated that “Every individual shall have the right to assemble freely with others”

This happening further vindicated the ideology of Biafra National Guard; the people of Biafra are conquered people who have no right to fundamental human rights in Nigeria. There is a law in Nigeria but when it comes to Biafrans; the law stops existing and making our people victims of state sponsored terrorism. In 1967; our people defended their lives but lost five million and was strategically forced to accept defeat and by virtue of that became slaves in Nigeria.

Biafra has been a subject of force and everything around it revolves around force; her existence has been by miracle whilst his reflex is determination to survive. It takes force to achieve slavery or conquer a people and only force can end slavery. Nigerian state has consigned everything about Biafra to force; they have failed to apply logic and common sense. We Biafra National Guard have that reflex to survive this period and beyond.

It is crystal clear that Nigeria has made life unbearable for the people of Biafra; husbands subjected to emotional trauma while our mothers are physically tortured and put in inhuman state. Our children back home shed tears every night and day because they could not see their mothers. Nursing mothers; their newly born children left to suffer, cry in the arms of lonely fathers who cannot nurse them. Nigeria freely descended hell on our people because they think we cannot get help and neither can we challenge their crimes against humanity perpetrated against our people. Nigeria has been made a haven of immorality, impunity, torture and evil against the people of Biafra, we are but species of terror.

The brute force against our people has reached a point we cannot endure anymore; we have been chased to the wall and we cannot run again. We either stand and face our adversaries like men or face the wall and get killed like cowards. The latest imprisonment of our mothers is an affront on everything we stand for, our culture and tradition, our belief and persons; we have been violated and exploited because we are seen as weaklings.

Biafra National Guard uses this opportunity to put the world on notice; United States of America, Israel, Russia, France, Germany, China and the world at large. Britain has supported Nigeria with impunity since its creation and they should be held responsible for anything that comes out of this mess. Arrest of our mothers raises the bar of what is to come; we cannot take everything because we have right to live and self-defense. Enough is enough for Britain and Nigeria. We demand the immediate release of our innocent mothers’, let them go back to their families because they committed no crime.

Biafra National Guard launched the Biafra Transitional Government back in May and we are not going back. We are putting the media houses on notice; a live broadcast is coming, in this live broadcast, Biafra National Guard tend to establish modus operandi and everything the world needs to know about the transitional government of Biafra overseen by Biafra National Guard.

UN 2007 Charter on the rights of indigenous people gave BNG every right to self-defense and establishment of indigenous government to pursue the safety, development and well-being of the people of Biafra. The Charter is the source of our strength and legal point of action, we remain completely unapologetic as long as the Charter is valid and Nigeria signatory to it. We shall continue to discharge our duties in accordance with the UN Charter to ensure the soverenity of Biafra is restored.

Finally; all the Adjutants in the 30 provinces piloting the transitional government should hold indoor seminaries and teach the civilian populace of the transitional government of Biafra the need to stop further engagements that risk their lives. They should be made to understand that occupational Nigerian military has taken over affairs of Biafra and cannot be challenged with bare hands. They should be intimated on the need to support Biafra National Guard in the build up to the live broadcast.



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