Chinedum Orji :Footprints Of An Uncommon Legislator Part 1




As Umu Afrika we are well aware that from the biblical days till date, there are doubting Thomases everywhere. People who will see a glaring truth and still ask for prove.

That is why in our bid to showcase the activities of the God sent representative of Umuahia Central State Constituency, we bring you not just the beautiful tales but pictorial evidences.

Build up to every General election, any politician worth his onion and who knows he has discharged his or her duties creditably does not fail to showcase his achievement which will be a springboard to determine his political future and standing with the people who gave the mandate!

In this #PART 1 of our chronicles of the achievements of Engr. Chief Chinedum Orji, we want to dwell on and showcase his exploits at making sure portable drinking water is available in every home free of charge and within the closet proximity.

To this end, and within the past 3 years and Four months, Ikuku Abia has bequeathed over 14 brand new Boreholes to his constituents.

Not only did they come with overhead tanks, they are always reticulated to the closest proximal points so that people will not need to go far from their homes to get water.

To make sure electricity does not deter prompt pumping of water and for proper maintenance of these public utility, a standby Generator, and a car was provided and a group youths employed to move around daily to make sure there is water in all the tanks across the constituency.

This is the list of he water Boreholes drilled and reticulated by Ikuku Abia:

1. Umuagom Water Project.

2. Umuobasi Water Project.

3. Amaokwe water Project.

4. World Bank Health Center Water Project.

5. World Bank Primary School Water Project.

6. Union Primary School water Project.

7. Ohokobe Enyiukwu Water Project.

8. Orie Ogwu Okwulaga Afaraukwu Water Project.

9. Finbarrs Road Water Project.

10. Methodist Primary School water Project.

11. Amuzukwu Girls Water Project.

12. Amuzukwu Primary School water Project.

13. Amuzukwu Mbaraukwu Water Project.

14. School Road Primary School water project

These 14 Brand New Water Projects are all completed and currently servicing the water needs of the good people of Umuahia Central State constituency.

No doubt this is unprecedented. This is unsurpassed. This is a record that will take years to be broken.

Congratulations to the Good people of Umuahia Central State Constituency. If within just a period of 3 years 14 brand new boreholes will be bequeathed to us, that means every street, every nook, every cranny of the constituency will receive that touch we desire in other areas.

Thank You Ikukuoma Abia for blazing these trail. Your footprints will remain indelible in the sands of time and in the hearts of your people!

With our PVC’s we will guarantee a continuation of this Legacies!

Ride on!

Umuafrika Got Your Back!!!

Dear Reader, watch of for Part 2!


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