Abia 2019:World Igbo Youth Congress blast Alex Otti and Uche Oga over Equity.

(1) The leadership of World Igbo Youth Congress had frown the recent move by Alex Otti to pick form to contest Governor of Abia 2019,and this ill fated journey will not see the light of the day.
(2) WIYC supported Dr Alex Otti in 2015 because of what  we believed that Abia deserved the best, but recently after trying to get attestations from some places where Otti worked, the disturbing reports shows that he not a true Democrat he claims to be, we will not support him in 2019 and call Abia Youths to distance themselves from those who have nothing to offer.
(3) We are accessing the political development in Abia  as regards toUche Ogar declaration for Governor Abia, irrespective that he has the constitutional right to seek for Abia Governor,  we insists that Abia south deserved to go for eight years based on Abia charter of Equity.
(4) WIYC don’t have any candidate for Abia Governor 2019,but will screen for a quality material from Abia south to ensure that Abia experience a new lease of life but we know that Uche ogar and Alex Otti are not the best materials now for good governance in Abia 2019,there will break down of law and order in Abia based on the reality on the ground if there’s distortion from the Abia charter of Equity, Uche ogar and Alex Otti zones had produced governors and any attempt to jettisoned the current power rotation which favours Abia south will spell doom for Abians ,so in other to avert this ugly looming danger, we will support Abia south to complete their 8years and handover power In 2023 to Abia North where Alex Otti and Uche ogar hail from,enough is enough.
Mazi Alex Okemiri
National President
World Igbo Youth Congress
Comrade Ikpe Michael Jnr
Abia Chairman
World Igbo Youth Congress
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