Vote out Buhari in 2019 – Saraki tells Nigerians


Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki yesterday asked Nigerians to vote out President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 general election in order to rescue Nigeria from becoming a failed state. Saraki, who spoke at the state Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as part of consultations for his presidential aspiration, stated that President Buhari lacked intellectual capacity to fix Nigeria’s problems as no one had the capacity to give what he or she did not have, insisting that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) lacked capacity to tackle any of the critical challenges facing the country.

According to him, this was not the time for trial and error as Nigerians would not make another mistake to elect a wrong president which the nation will again live to tell the story after 2019 general election. He said: “We have shown what we can do together in the last three years. You all know where Nigeria is today and we are all concerned of the future.

The country as you know at this point is at the crossroads. It is much divided and it has never been so. We are all concerned about the security of our lives. We are all concerned about the jobs, poverty and lack of job for our people. Many youths today don’t have any job and the future is not looking good and we don’t have time to wait.

“For me it has never being of any personal ambition. We have continued to fight for the right of the people, for justice, for freedom and for this democracy. We have gone through a lot not only me even your own son here Ike Ekweremadu all in the interest of standing for what is right. We have stood in the National Assembly for what we believe is right and in the process we have gone through a lot but we have believed in God and those of you who are supporting us. “Today everybody in Nigeria will say what Senate has done as we have raised the level of the senate; the senate that cares for the people and that listens to the people.

“Today we believed it is time we changed the leadership in the executive, the presidency of this country. It is time that we have a president that when he stands and speaks you will be proud that, that is my president. It is time that you have a president that understand the issues that know where the shoe is pinching, that knows where you can get the jobs; that knows, identifies and associates with the youths, that when he stands you know this is the president of the youth.”

In Ebonyi, Saraki also assured Nigerians that he was ready to fight corruption to a standstill and not the way it was being addressed selectively by President Muhammadu Bugari-led administration, saying he would fight corruption holistically should he become Nigeria’s presidential next year. He said: “There is a high level of uninclusisivness in the country. We must choose leaders that have capacity to move the country forward.

What you are seeing in Ebonyi is not by chance, it is because your governor has capacity that is why you are witnessing development. How then can you choose a man with capacity in your state without choosing also a leader with capacity at the national level? “We fight poverty; we will fight corruption too and not selective corruption fight. We will develop solid minerals in Ebonyi State. We will bring private investors into the country and turn around youth involvement in governance by bringing youths to governance.”


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