Group Alerts Buhari, Adesina Over Forging of Presidency Press Release

Nigerias President Muhammadu Buhari



The Concerned South-Eastern Nigeria Progressives is urgently calling on President Muhammadu Buhari, Presidential media aide Mr Femi Adesina and the public to be watchful and be alerted of a dangerous and desperate forgery and impersonation of the Presidency and her media handler, which is peddled on social media platforms.

One Mr Chima Obiwuru who is working for an APC gubernatorial aspirant in Abia State Uche Ogah, the trio of Ikenda Clinton Elechi, Chuku Kingsley, and Okah Chris Obinichi also working for Minister of Transportation Chibuike Amaechi connived to forged a Press release purporting it to be emanating from Mr Femi Adesina’s office in the Presidency, when it’s not.

We have sent entreaties to Mr Adesina, we have gone through all official media platforms belonging to Mr Femi Adesina and other media handlers of Mr President, but nothing of such was ever found.

The Presidency, Mr Adesina, security agencies and the general public are hereby alerted of this dangerous fraud that is capable of degrading the revered reputation of the President and the institution of the Federal government.


Concerned South-Eastern Nigeria Progressives.


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