Rev Chidi Okoroafor Speaks on THE CHALLENGE at Ongoing North East 2018 Strategic Church Growth Summit holding at Evangel Theological Seminary Jos



The Assemblies of God Nigeria has come of age, from 1934 to 2018. She is not a baby. We have had long experiences both sweet and ugly ones. Some are not sure of our growth stand in the comity of Churches. Unfortunately, some of our pastors and members do not even value and cherish what we have and who we are.
This summit is meant to take a critical analysis/appraisal of how far we have gone, with the ultimate aim of breaking even and taking up our rightful leadership role in the comity of Churches in Nigeria, Africa and the whole world. Expectations are high on Assemblies of God, Nigeria.

We have therefore decided to bring the Assemblies of God Nigeria to a comprehensive diagnostic center and furthermore to the theatre if need be. We shall at the end of the day place the Church on necessary diets and spiritual medicines. This is because this Church cannot die or decay in our time. We have a resolve that this Church must expand. No circumstances shall stop us.

In the same vein, we need to ask certain diagnostic questions. Are we really alive? Are we growing? What are the vital signs of our being alive? Do we have enabling atmosphere for healthy growth? Are we growing or swelling? Are we sick?Are there spiritual termites, viruses and influenza that has bewitched the church? Do we need to perform any surgery on this Church and remove any sickness that will not let us expand the way God wants us to?

When we talk about growth we must deliberately be willing to open, nurture and sponsor new branches. All set-in-order Churches should give birth to another one. The time has come when our Churches must showcase evidences that they are indeed alive. We are not a political organization, social club, an age grade meeting or community meeting but a living organism.

As soon as the Executive Committee approved this program, l sent researchers to many of our strategic Churches to appraise their ten year growth. Their findings shall shock and challenge you. l also sent researchers to some sister denominations to analyze their growth; include the risk factors in those denominations. This is intended to (encourage) enthuse us about who we are and what we have and also challenge us about some challenging great lessons from those denominations. WE HAVE NOT STOPPED GROWING.

More so, this summit must handle the issue of every minister and member having lifetime, incurable addiction love for Assemblies of God Nigeria .This will surely motivate desire for strategic growth. This should precede appraisal of Assemblies of God Nigeria.
Deliberate handling on numerical growth and tonic for spiritual growth is a vital aspect of this summit. Numerical growth without commiserate spiritual growth is both an error and hoax. I am specially concerned over the foot dragging FINANCIAL GROWTH of AG Nigeria. Does our numerical growth reflect financially? What is definitely wrong with us? Why do we strain ourselves so much looking for money for projects and programs? Why do some of our members not respond to our financial appeals only to respond to outside ministries?

God needs to raise fresh millionaires and billionaires in this Church. We need some of our members who shall be useful in kingdom business to have political and international open doors. Some collapsed businesses needs to rise or wake up again. HE WILL ALSO OPEN DOORS FOR ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF FUNDING TO OUR UNITS.

It is no longer news that we are experiencing mass exodus of our market place membership. Where did we get it wrong? Are there areas we need to improve to attract market place membership? Why do we loose our students and corners to other denominations? There must be a strategic deliberate attempt to stop this anomaly.
How far has our worship centers served the purpose of its existence or formation? Paper presentations and panel discussions on critical issues centering around strategic church growth shall be given attention in this summit. We must not ignore inter-generational considerations in Church growth. It is noteworthy that we can use our profession to help grow the Church. ln the same vein, you do not use altar legislation and announcement to stop the sheep from going outside to other places: YOU MUST GROW GRASS IN YOUR CHURCH TO RETAIN YOUR SHEEP AND ATTRACT OTHER SHIP.

The Assemblies of God Nigeria must check IN FIGHTS which has become a deadly virus militating against the growth of the church. The random way pastors and leaders are removed without justifiable cause leaves much to be desired and does not help the growth of our Church. Unfortunately, the ugly instrumentality of “crude politics “is used for these ungodly acts.

On a positive note for rapid growth, we must harness the use of power of signs and wonders, Internet, music, etc. l pray that our Churches and denomination shall never remain static after this summit. We should not be thermometers declaring statistics, telling the current tempo of the Church. we must become thermostats adjusting the spiritual tempo to our test which must be of biblical standard and tilting towards EXPANSION.




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