Abe’s Aide replies Eze: Ignore And Jettison Eze’s Cheap Shot Against Me As Last Act Of Straw-grabbing By A Drowning Liar

Senator Abe in Bori Yesterday

My attention has been drawn to a press statement authored by one Chief Chukwuemeka-Eze, a notorious meddlesome peddler of falsehood and expert fabricator in which I was falsely quoted to have said, “by tomorrow, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the Minister of Transportation and fake Leader of APC in Rivers State will be thought(sic) a political lesson that will end his political career in Nigeria. We have prepared the judgement to be delivered tomorrow by Hon justice Chiwendu Nworgu which we have delivered to him at his residence situated in Port Harcourt. So far we are concerned, Amaechi is a goner and Gov. Wike is a star. Let us therefore drink and celebrate the continuation of Wike as Governor of Rivers State till 2023 when he will handover to Abe as agreed”.

Ordinarily, I would have continued to ignore this known irritant as he has, through his cancerous words and baffling actions over the course of the last two years consistently held out himself to be unworthy of a response from reasonable members of the reading public but for the sensitivity of the subject and the hallowed institution of the judiciary he sought to bring down to his gutter level, hence, this response.

I wish to alert members of the public that the statement attributed to me is false, a complete fabrication and a terrible concoction from the muddied imagination of Chukwuemeka Eze. I neither wrote nor said those words anywhere, not even in the nightmare of Eze. The statement should therefore be jettisoned, dismissed and disregarded as the wicked creation of the author whose mind is a toxic refuse dump for everything nauseating from where the putrefying stench of falsehood oozes.

Eze could have easily attributed the fabricated statement to Senator Magnus Abe who has been the target of his assassin bullets these past two years, but he knows that Nigerians will never buy that cheap shot because they know that Senator Abe does not talk that way, hence, his design to bring me in as a subterfuge to silhouette his known blackmail. It fails nevertheless!

I state categorically thus:

1. I am a responsible Nigerian citizen who respects the sanctity of our judicial institutions and will never pontificate on a matter that is sub judice.

2. Eze, having written copiously to obscure the brazen attacks on the courts in Rivers State on the 11th of May, 2018, has now put his foot on the throttle to shamelessly blackmail judicial officers and cast doubts on their integrity. The civilized society must rise up to stop Eze’s animalistic forays to safeguard the sanctity of our judicial institutions which is the last hope of the common man.

3. Chukwuemeka Eze is a known attack dog and hireling of the Minister of Transportation who is being paid and maintained to blackmail Senator Abe and his supporters, sow seeds of discord amongst chieftains of Rivers APC in order to destroy or weaken the party. Members of the public should beware of his antics. We have toiled with our blood and sweat to have APC in Rivers State and will never surrender the party to the destructive swords wielded by Eze and his known sponsors.

4. Every other insinuation contained in Eze’s gibberish is totally false and in tandem with the blackmail and stop Senator Abe project being funded from familiar quarters.

5. Senator Magnus Abe has no matter in any court in this country against APC. It’s therefore spurious for Eze to allege that Abe filed any matter against APC. The matter in court was filed by APC members in Rivers State ( Ibrahim Umar and 23 others) after over 8000 party faithful who paid their hard earned money to designated bank accounts of the party for the right to contest in the Ward congress of the 5th of May, 2018, were denied nomination forms on the orders of the Minister of Transportation who commandeered the Congress materials to a heavily guarded facility in Port Harcourt called INTELS camp thereby unlawfully excluding party men and women from participating in the process.

6. There is absolutely no substance in the often repeated blackmail that Senator Abe is working with Governor Wike or has any agreement with Governor Wike to hand over to him in 2023. That is a false media creation by Eze and his known sponsors. Having lost the argument on the reason why they wanted to stop Senator Abe from offering himself as an alternative to Rivers people in 2019, they are now laboriously creating new accusations that were never in their original charge sheet from the beginning. This blackmail must fail in the court of public opinion as others preceding it. In any case, we challenge Eze and his Abuja sponsor to bring forward a prove of their allegations. It’s trite law that he who alleges must prove.

7. Chukwuemeka who prides himself as a Chieftain of Rivers APC is a despicable character who is not from Rivers State, not resident in Rivers State, not doing any known business in Rivers State and is not a registered voter in Rivers State. He is a paid goon of Hon Amaechi the Minister of Transportation and as he continues to spew hate, blackmail and fabrication from which he makes his living, members of the public should take note that we will never abandon our message of hope and freedom to Rivers people to respond to Eze’s endless inanities.

8. Finally, Senator Magnus Abe has courageously presented himself to Rivers people and Rivers people have accepted him. His popularity has skyrocketed and his political profile has burgeoned across the country. Those who wish to contest against him should also boldly come out and present themselves to Rivers people instead of resorting to blackmail and character assignation which is a failed venture.



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