ABIA Central SENATE : OCHENDO Still The Best – Emmanuel Onu


Nigeria as a Nation is still a country grappling with basic necessities of life and desperately in need of infrastructural development and educational enhancement.

Due to the enormous and humongous nature of this needs, it almost always overwhelms the Executive whose primary duty it is to provide these things for the people, both in the National and state levels.

That is the reason why our people erroneously but as a matter of need place demands on their Law makers to provide some of these needed infrastructure.

It therefore becomes necessary for every constituency to look inwards to elect a Legislator who will not only discharge his Legislative duties perfectly but also one, who has the contacts, connections, Goodwill and large heart needed to attract these infrastructure to the Constituency. Someone who has conquered his greed, that can decide to, where necessary even invest his or her private funds to see to the needs of constituents and the constituency!

Today in Abia Central, several aspirants have all indicated their interest to represent the good people of Abia Central, from different political parties. Our people should note, that given our needs, we cannot afford to elect someone who will first consider himself, his immediate family and friends, before considering the Zone.

Looking at all these aspirants from all the political parties, who amongst them can spend 100% of all that accrues to him as a Senator on the Constituency without bathing and eyelid and where necessary still dip his hands into his private coffers for the sake of constituency development?

Which among the aspirants is better connected to attract both international donor agencies, federal and state presence to Abia Central Senatorial zone?

Will it be political correctness for Abia Central to leave a sitting Senator, who with his contacts as a Former Governor stands a better chance of getting juicier portfolios and elect a greenhorn in the Nigeria of today where every section is sending their best?

Who among the aspirants parades a credential that has a similitude with what Ochendo brings to the table?

Our people should not make the mistake of electing someone who will remind us of our past thereby truncating the avalanche of dividends currently trickling down to Abia Central under Ochendo.

Senator T.A Orji has within the past 3 and half years obliterated the fears of our people and bequeathed to Abia Central as a Zone with several Constituency projects and stands unsurpassed, with emphasis on the education of the constituents through the upgrade of our public schools and a scholarship scheme that takes care of numerous indigent constituents!

Thus Ochendo’s reelection should be a unanimous decision by all progressives, men and women of goodwill and youths whose future he is reshaping!

Watch this space for a compendium of the achievements of Sen. T. A Orji as Senator in the past 3 and half years!

Emmanuel Onu(The Gong)
Writes from Umuahia


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