2019 : Ikuku,a Golden Fish,that Has No Hidden Place

Lawmaker Representing Umiahia Central State Constituency Hon Chinedum Orji
A Performing Legislator cannot be hidden likewise you can never cover Pregnancy.
For 2019,the Good People of Umuahia Central State Constituency will reaffirm their earlier trust to Hon Engr.Chinedum Orji,the Member Representing Umuahia Central State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly to continue his Good Works.
Stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic the Umuahia Central in an absolute show of Support to Hon Engr Chinedum Orji has taking his Second Term Re-election as a Personal Project which must be accomplished come February 2019.
Hon Chinedum Orji is the Only Lawmaker who has Directly reached out to his Constituents,Felt their Pains and activated machineries to ameliorate the plights of the poorest man/woman resident at Umuahia Central State Constituency.
Infact Very soon,Water Sellers in Umuahia Metropolis may have to Close Up or Change Business owing to the Fact that Hon Engr Chinedum Orji has provided Free Water in almost all the Streets of Umuahia Central State Constituency,those Living at St Finbars Street among others can attest to this Fact.
When You Pass through the major Streets of Umuahia,you will see Solidarity Banners,Billboards,Posters,infact there are those who Designed a Billboard and placed in thier Shops,Offices and Schools,all in Solidarity with a Lawmaker who has Distinguished himself from other Politicians.
No Wonder he was the only Aspirant that Purchased the Nomination/Expression of Interest Form For Umuahia Central State Constituency unlike other Areas where more than 7 People are Jostling for one Ticket.
Ikuku is Indeed a Golden Fish that has no Hidden Place,even his Political Opponents attest to the fact that his Performance has really shut the doors of their Criticism’s.
Umuahia Central State Constituency is Indeed Lucky to have Hon Chinedum Orji as their Lawmaker at this Time.
Promise Uzoma Okoro,Umuahia


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