Buhari Not Fit To Rule Nigeria Beyond 2019 – Bamgbose


The Presidential elections is just five months away. It’s obvious that APC will be presenting Muhammadu Buhari as its Presidential candidate.

This is most unfortunate. It’s true that he has the right to run but I sincerely and seriously doubt if his candidature will fly. Sentiments apart, Buhari is not fit to rule Nigeria beyond 2019. One, in terms of age and his health, it won’t be advisable for him to run again as President of this country. Two, it’s obvious that the international community may not likely support his second term bid. The Prime Minister of Great Britain recently said Nigeria can be said to be the poorest nation in the world. This is a serious statement.

This presupposes that Britain has scored him low in terms of performance. HSBC equally warned Nigerians that Buhari’s second coming may ruin our economy. I don’t need to repeat what Trump said about him recently. Now let’s look at the home front. In the 58 years of this great great country, we have never experienced hardship as we are experiencing now.

Many unfortunately had committed suicide because they felt the hardship was too much for them to handle. The level of corruption is worrisome. The rare of unemployment has been on the increase. Banks are folding up. Foreign investors are not forthcoming. Our President hardly visit States for something meaningful but just for campaigns. Insecurity prevails.

The one million Naira question is ‘what exactly will Buhari do differently if elected for the second term’? The summary of it all is that Buhari is not fit to rule Nigeria beyond 2019. That’s my DAMNING verdict and majority of Nigerians. I’ll advise him to step down for a better and more resourceful candidate. God bless Nigeria.


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