The One Who Will Not Be Governor of Akwa Ibom State by Ini Morgan


The ONE who will not be governor of Akwa Ibom State is the ONE who thinks that Akwa Ibom people are fools. He is said to have been into the bunkering of petroleum products around his home in Nigeria’s mangrove forest, yet brought in Nigerian soldiers to destroy the unmodulated partnership in the illegal trade operated by his brothers. A man who kicked off the ladder by which he ascended economic prominence cannot be trusted with the ladder to ascend political power.

The ONE who will never be governor of Akwa Ibom State is ONE who is a very selfish man, whose intention in muzzling his brother saboteurs in the Nigeria’s criminal trade of sabotaging our nation’s economy through the bunkering of our oil was to ensure they become his hangers on. A man who thinks he alone should have, in order for others to beg from him cannot be a good leader. This ONE is an arrogant man. Akwa Ibom people do not need another egocentric interloper to rule them again, a second time.

This ONE sought able bodied men who would hang around him, loitering at his gate for pittances, like the Biblical Lazarus who sat by the gate of the Fool who thought he was Rich. People in the class of this ONE forget quickly that God gives bread, and that humans need not bread alone to live. This is why this ONE will never be governor in Akwa Ibom State. Does this ONE have the competence to transform Akwa Ibom people into his slaves? NOoo! Power belongs to us – the people.

The ONE who cannot govern Akwa Ibom State is the ONE who connived with his friend in Rivers State to seize the oil Wells belonging to Akwa Ibom people, conceding the our oil wells to Rivers so that he could earn 10% of revenues generated therefrom. It would be recall that there was a time when Rivers State became the highest earner from oil revenue generation, until that marauding move was reversed by the Jonathan administration, with his Rivers friend kicking about the “Soku oil wells”, which went to Bayelsa State. This ONE is a trader and rent agent of people’s enduring assets for self accentuation.

The same Rivers friend of this ONE, who serves President Buhari closely, found an ally in ONE, and mobilised him for his present federal political patronage with the intention of using him (ONE) and the resources of Akwa Ibom State in furtherance of his (Rivers friend’s) presidential ambition in 2023. This ONE’s friend walks on his people’s blood for political self propagation because he was mistakenly allowed to govern his people. No friend of a blood thirsty man would be allowed to govern Akwa Ibom State.

The ONE who will not rule Akwa Ibom State is the ONE, when whose principal got wind of his attempt to cede our indigenous oil wells to his Rivers friend, mulled plans to impeach him from office but this ONE got hinted of this plan and chose to become a Nicodemus: he ran away from office in the thick of the night. Today this ONE wants to come and rule the same State whose enduring assets he attempted to trade off to a stranger. He is a threat to our communal Shalom!

The ONE who will not be governor of Akwa Ibom State is the ONE who fought his brother politician from Ikpa Nung Assang when he (the brother) was a deputy Governor; and made sure he was not returned as so, so he (the ONE) could take his place. After so devious political moves to achieve his aims and objectives against his brother, he took his place but the question to ask is: why did he run away from his coveted crown in just 17 months? Now this ONE wants to become Governor so he can run away from accounting for his plunder of our interventionist agency in his charge.

The ONE who will never be governor of Akwa Ibom State is the ONE who, just a week on the saddle, as Acting Governor of our State banned commercial motorcycle operators, who plied their trade in our State capital, and by this unpopular act caused untold hardship for over 72% of our employable population in the State.

Not done with such unpopular decision, this ONE took a large portion of land belonging to the people of Uyo Village at Brooks Street; he also took another huge land belonging to the Etoi people along Edet Akpan Avenue, popularly called “the Four Lanes” in Uyo. Can this usurper of people’s heritage be trusted to govern our State? NEVER! He will take everything for himself.

The ONE who will not govern Akwa Ibom State is the ONE whose fellow musketeers (two others with him as the third) have now aligned with him on their most hatred turf and canvass – the opposition party; and they have regrouped to throw some pepper poweder in the eyes of the people of Akwa Ibom recurrently.

But guess what?

The people of Akwa Ibom State are now wise and would not want to be taken for a “ONE” CHANCE stroll in a bus clearly marked “Ogoni” and heading to Rivers State. The people of Akwa Ibom State refuse to take an uncommon drive to the oblivion. In case we have forgotten, these three Musketeers were governor, deputy governor and Secretary in the most people’s battering administration of our recent past.

We are still in pains, nursing the wounds we all suffered in these ONEs hands. They killed our fathers, raped our mothers, kidnapped our leaders, enslaved our sisters to prostitution and drew our going men into cultism. This is AkwaAbasi Ibom State and from now on only Godfearing leaders with govern us with the fear of God. This is the minimum requirement. Our eyes are open, and our hearts have resolved: this ONE will NEVER be governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Ini Akpan Morgan is the Convener of the APC Patriots Grouping (APCpg) in Akwa Ibom State and writes in from Uyo via “


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