“In This Month of October, You Shall See Solution and Not Your Problems, Says Chidi Okoroafor


General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has called on Christians all over the World to Pray for their Families, Nigeria and the World at Large.

Dr Okoroafor in a Prophetic New Month Message he Released said this month urged Christians to see Opportunities in every Disappointment.

“I welcome you to the First day of October 2018.

“The last three months of the Year. During last nine months, it’s been filled with Grace, Mercy and Testimonies. I welcome you to the Last quarter of 2018. I want to specifically call on you to declare Special Prayers this month and of course this quarter, for your family, the Church and Nigeria as a whole”

“This month, I pray that your eyes shall be opened, that you would look beyond natural spectacle and put on super natural spectacle.

” I pray that this particular month you shall see solution and not your problem, see Victory and not defeat, see God’s healing Power and not Sickness, see more of solution and not your problem, see more of the presence of God in your life and not demons, and witches and wizards. See the Angel of the Lord surrounding you as you move. See, see what the Lord is doing”

“Handle your fears. See a future by the grace of God. See brighter tomorrow. This month, see opportunities in every disappointment. See the Glory of the Lord upon your Life. Welcome, Welcome to October. The Lord has been waiting for you, He is waiting for you. This month, will work out you favour, this particular month, tears, tears shall be cleaned from your face, Yes”

” The Lord shall give you laughter, I speak to you again God shall give you laughter and you shall be a perpetual overcomer.

“Every temptation, every thing that the devil has said, God will turn it around He will turn it around and make you stand on the platform of Victory and Testimony”

“This year, just keep yourself, keep yourself on track and don’t defile yourself, He that is older than age will keep you from sinning against Him, and at the end of the month, you’ll have every reason to say thank you Jesus for preserving my life. We love you. We are praying for you. Welcome to October 2018”

“I am your brother
Chidi Okoroafor General Superintendent Assemblies of God Nigeria”


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