Worldbank Commends Ikpeazu for Investing In Abia E4E


The World Bank commends Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for investing in Abia State Education for Employment (E4E) programme and promises to support him

Speaking at a workshop held on the 17th of October 2018 at World Bank head office in Abuja, one of the Representatives commended the Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for investing in Abia State Education for Employment (E4E) programme despite the current economic challenges in the country.

He further stated that this investment is the reason why Abia has been selected as one of the 6 States in Nigeria to receive a grant to develop Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET). It was also because of Abia E4E programme that the State attracted funding for youth development through the World Bank assisted Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) project.

The workshop was organised in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education that is overseeing a new project – Innovation Development Effectiveness in the Acquisition of Skills (IDEAS) with the main objective of improving the relevance of skills of labour market entrants in both the formal and the informal sectors in Nigeria.

Abia E4E programme and MAFITA project were selected for review at the workshop. Whereas MAFITA is a DFID funded project for Northern States, E4E was developed and is being funded by Abia State Government.

Mr Endi Ezengwa, the Coordinator of Abia E4E made the presentation and took questions from the participants. He promised that Abia State Government will do more if adequately supported.

He thanked The National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) and National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) for their continuous support.


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