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Umahi’s Claim I Borrowed N5Billion For Campaign Laughable, Says Ogbuoji

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Ebonyi State APC gubernatorial candidates, Senator Sonni Ogbuoji has described as infantile and laughable a statement Monday by the state governor that he borrowed to prosecute his campaign.

Governor David Umahi had reportedly told an audience in Abakaliki that his major opposition candidate for the gubernatorial seat, Ogbuoji had taken a credit facility of N5b from the Access Bank for his campaign.

He also alleged that the fictitious loan which Ogbuoji said exists only in Umahi’s imagination was a way to mortgage the economic future of the state.

Ogbuoji noted that: “The governor coming up with these fallacies is a sign of panic in him about my candidacy. Funny enough, he had been mounting the soapbox to announce to his audience that I don’t exist and won’t be a force against him. But these days, his strategy has been fabricating tissue of lies and hallucinating about the next lies to tell against me.

“I would rather advise our dear governor to wisely spend the few months he has in office wisely rather than staying awake at night and animating lies and slander against me.

And for the records I inform Ebonyians that the loan Umahi talks about exists in his dreams, maybe last night.

Please don’t ever believe him, because the nightmare occasioned by his fear of leaving office soon creates false pictures and maybe voices in him. They are all part of panic. But they won’t do much to change the tide that will soon roll over the Abakaliki government house and flush him out.

Anyone in doubt about this false claims should kindly in this rapid information age verify with the Access Bank to know how hollow the claim is.

I never borrowed and can never borrow any money for my campaign and don’t have plans to mortgage the future of the state like those that use Ebonyi as experiment for familitocracy.

I am for Ebonyi and have the best plans that would put food on the tables of Ebonyi workers instead of decorating streets.
I will rather decorate the tummies and dinning tables of Ebonyi workers before decorating the streets.

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