Duchess Of The IMPERIAL House Of ALAFIA

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Outstanding history of an imperial class was made in Hollywood, Los Angeles on the 10th November 2018 during the – Royal Inaugural Ceremony of Dr. Elham Madani as the ‘Duchess of the Imperial House Of Alafia (I.H.O.A)’ which was authoritatively endorsed by His Spiritual Majesty {HSM} Emperor Alafia Adeoba Shalom (Sovereign Monarch of the I.H.O.A). Celebrity guests and Hollywood dignitaries attended the event in glamour while the colourful royal event was honourably hosted by HRH Prince (Dr.) Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe (Crown’Prince of Hamburg, Germany) and proudly powered by HRH Prince (Dr.) GD Singh (President of World Peace & Diplomacy Organization).

Traditionally, the royal event was the amalgamation of African Divinity Dynasty and Persian Imperial Dynasty which showcased the diversified beauty of cultural exchange between the Nigerian nationality of Emperor Alafia Adeoba Shalom and Iranian nationality of Duchess (Dr.) Elham Madani – whose love journey have come a long way over the years to establish an era of intercultural relationship for the propagation of global peace, unity and diversity among humanity… Imperial House Of Alafia {I.H.O.A} is an ancient African Divinity Dynasty of the famous Sèru Compound in Ile-Ife (the native city of the Yorùbá people known as the ancient cradle of ‘Black Race’ in Nigeria). And the enthronement of the Duchess of the I.H.O.A comes with several traditional obligations deeply rooted in ancient customs which lawfully commands the Duchess to serve as consort to her ‘emperor’ and to shoulder the divinity responsibility of elegance, virtue and magnificence.

With joy in her golden heart, Duchess (Dr.) Elham Madani expressed her utmost love and respect for the African Divinity Dynasty of the Imperial House Of Alafia {I.H.O.A} and in her ‘Royal Inaugural Speech’ she majestically redefine the monarchy of her calling by saying :

“Distinguish ladies and gentlemen… With joy in my heart, I’m happy to stand before you all today and express my gratitude for your presence at this royal inaugural event.

As a Persian, I was born into an ancient family with a royal ancestry which historically dated back to the era of ‘Cyrus The Great’ who was the progenitor of Achaemenid Empire (also known as the first Persian empire). Being a descendant of a lineage with an old royal history, I’m aware that my ancestors were descents of mixed and diversified origins which incorporated the traditional cultures of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and West Africa. Tracing my ancestral root to West Africa where traditional history claimed that the existence of humanity begun, I found my way to the ancient kingdom of Ile-Ife (which is the birthplace of the black race) in Nigeria.

The ancestral history that has lived before me in the ancient kingdom of Ile-Ife (Nigeria) already prepared me for the royal office of Duchess in the ancient divinity dynasty of the — IMPERIAL HOUSE OF ALAFIA… I bless and appreciate — His Spiritual Majesty {HSM} Emperor Alafia Adeoba Shalom (Sovereign Monarch of the ‘Imperial House Of Alafia’), for bestowing me the honour and magnificence to serve my royal calling as Duchess of the ancient divinity dynasty.

Royal blessings to you all and thanks greatly for your felicitations.”

The royal inaugural ceremony also commemorated the 10th Annual Edition of the Hollywood WIND International Film Festival, grand opening of World Cinema Academy, and exclusive productions of Mighty Vision Pictures INC. — which all are USA-based organizations and institutions of Duchess (Dr.) Elham Madani through which she inspires and empowers mankind in making the world become a better place for humanity to coexist and live happily… Among many notable Hollywood distinguish dignitaries that were present at the event include — David Harrison Levi, Dr. Caren Rich, Tony Taylor, Junko Ishikawa, Alexander Harris and many more outstanding celebrities. The merry celebration of the event continues at the luxurious Granada Hills Mansion where the birthday party of Duchess (Dr.) Elham Madani appreciates the event guests and participants with mixed Persian and Nigerian delicacy menu which nourished everyone with the unforgettable memory of the celebration.

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