Kidnap gang notorious for selling children nabbed by police IRT Operatives in Abia State.

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It seems to be the end of the road for a gang of notorious kidnappers that specialises in the Kidnapping and sale of children. The syndicate were nabbed by the men of the Inspector General of Police’s Special Intelligence Response Team(IRT).

It was gathered that the suspects identified as Kenneth Anaba, Emmanuel Izuchukwu, Ikechukwu Ajagbu, Joshua Samuel, Emmanuel Azumara, Chinedu Samuel, Ukonu Anurika, Chidinma Okpara, Chimezie Okpara and Favour Christopher, were caught after members of the gang kidnapped a woman in September 2018, in Aba, Abia State, and collected a ransom of $13,000 (approximately N4.7million Naira) from the hostage’s Family before she was released.

Apparently, this act was their final straw as the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had received several complaints about the gang’s activities in the state. The IGP ordered operatives of the IRT headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, to track down the suspects.

It was also Confirmed that some members of the gang were part of a group of kidnappers that escaped from Abia State Police Command’s Criminal Investigation Department in 2017.

During their escape, they stole some police rifles and went on to form different dangerous kidnapping gangs across the state.

It was further gathered that following the IGP directives, IRT operatives stormed Abia State and they interacted with some kidnapped victims. They discovered that the leader of one of the gangs terrorising the state, Kenneth Anaba, was part of the group of the inmates who escaped from Abia State Police Command’s State Criminal Investigation Department with police rifles, in 2017.

The detectives learnt that Anaba’s gang broke up and the other faction began to kidnap and sell little children.

Anaba was trailed to his hideout at Ogbor Hill area of Abia State and he was arrested. Upon his arrest, an AK-47 rifle belonging to the police was recovered from him and he confessed to have carried out several kidnappings in Abia State.

“I was arrested early last year with Some of my friends and I kidnapped a man with my car along Force Road and we took the man to our camp at Ogbor Hill, where he was kept for four days until a ransom of N500,000 was paid.

“My share of the money was N150,000; I also took possession of the man’s vehicle, a Toyota Highlander, which I took to a hotel around Ogbor Hill. The police tracked the vehicle to where I was and I was arrested. I was detained at State CID, Umuhia, and I led the police to arrest my Gangmember known as Chikodi Akoma, who introduced me to kidnapping,” he said.

Revealing how he was able to escape with his cohort, Anaba said, “While we were kept in custody the gate of the cell was locked by a weak Padlock and we broke and opened it, Smartly Overpowered the Police and stole five police rifles and escaped. I went to Aba where I started robbing people with the guns we stole.”

He explained how he recruited his friends to join his notorious gang and they began rob in the state.

While his second Group specializes in Kidnapping little children and selling to some Group of women for about 300k per Child, The Women will sell to couples without Children for as much as 1.5million per Child.

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