Year of Multi Faceted Goodnews Rev. Chidi Okoroafor PhD.


I’m excited this particular Morning to welcome you into 2019. Especially the First day of the First Month of the year 2019.

Welcome to 2019, a Year of Multi faceted Goodnews. Multi faceted Goodnews.

The Lord spoke in Luke Gospel chapter 2:10-11, through the Angel.

The Bible said that the Angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid, for Behold, I bring you good tidings of Great Joy, which will be to all people, For there is born this day in the City of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord “.

The Year of Multi Faceted Goodnews.

Goodnews, that is what this Year is and I know the main Goodnews is the Savior Jesus Christ. The Birth, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Founder amongst Founders. King of Kings. Otumokpor Ndinso, Okemmuo, Olorihelorenyi. Great Liberator, The Acient of Days.

And I tell you today, this Year 2019 shall proclaim Him, Proclaim the Savior as never before. We shall ring the Gospel Bell without restrictions.

And I speak to you, because you shall ring the gospel bell, you shall experience the kind of manifestation you never saw in the History of your life and Ministry.

All you need to do is to open your mouth. You don’t need to go to Bible school to have these manifestations, You don’t need to be a Pastor to have these manifestations.

You don’t need to know home electics or deep theology to have these manifestation. All you need to do, is to tell the story, tell the Goodnews. Proclaim to somebody and you shall see God.

The Lord shall beak forth for your sake. He shall crush strong places. It’s a Year of coming out of the lepers colony massively.

Goodnews shall visit you from your family. Goodnews from your Job, Goodnews from your business. Goodnews over your health, Goodnews over your desire for international connections,

You were always receiving bad news concerning your children, but this year 2019, Goodnews will come out through your children.

This year, God is changing the tide and surprisingly giving you constant Goodnews.

Goodnews over Your ministry, those who wrote you off, shall be shocked about your new progress.

Angel Gabriel went to Nazareth. Nazareth that was written off by man. Mortals may have written you off, but Divinity elected you to be something, to be a recipient of Goodnews.

God shall give you pleasant surprises in 2019, and it shall form a part of the Goodnews.

Remember, this year is a Year of Multi Faceted Goodnews. Expect this Goodnews 24 hours , 7 days everyweek.

When the Goodnews will come. don’t even say, how can it be? It’s not even your business, to think how can it be? Because He that is older than age will perform it.

Don’t begin to say how can I bear a child at my age?. How can I rise in the midst of enemies, How can I get a job in the midst of bribery and corruption. How can I excel in the midst of battered Economy.

This year, your environment shall not swallow you. I proclaim upon you. Goodnews! Goodnews!! Goodnews!!!

Expect Goodnews, that is what the Lord will be doing this year in the History of your life.

We are praying for you.
Goodnews for our Nation.
We are praying. He knows what to do, how to do it. When to do it, and who to do it with.

We love you.
God bless you abundantly.
I am Chidi Okoroafor.
General Superintendent
Assemblies of God Nigeria.
Thank you


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