Nkechi Nwaogu has failed woefully to represent us; says OSISIOMA NGWA PEOPLE



Political positions should be occupied by people who have the interest of others at heart not for personal aggrandizement, men and women with empathy and the requisite knowledge of human management.
Some questions beg for attention since Senator Nwaogu mounted the saddle at the National Assembly 12 years ago.
These and not limited to:
-What did Senator Nwaogu do throughout her 12years at National Assembly?
-How many bills or motions were passed to her credit while in the Hallowed Chambers?
-What happened to Ekeakpara road that was awarded to her by the federal government during her time?
-What happened to Liberal Financial House established by Nkechi Nwaogu in Aba?
-Why did she abandon the only road, she attracted to the people of the Umuapu community in Isiala Ngwa South LGA.
“Let me tell you something. Daa Nkechi as we call her is a self-centered individual. She simply went to Abuja to represent her immediate family. Just look at the magic she performed at Umuapu. We were thinking that she is real, now we know better”, said Chibuzor Uka, who spoke to this writer.
Also, One Mr. Chikwudi from Umuakpara community told this writer in an interview that Nkechi Nwogu is a minus for them. When asked to explain, He angrily said, “You see this Ekeakpara Road? Chukwudi the Keke rider asked. This road was awarded to Da Nkechi by the Federal Government, but she embezzled the money without even considering the pains and sufferings our people will pass through. But I am happy that today she is begging for our mandate to vote for her again after what she did to us. One thing is sure, my family and I will never vote Da Nkechi”, he concluded.
As this writer toured the communities at Osisioma, it was tales of woes. People were visibly angry at the mention Senator Nkechi Nwaogu.
Mr. Onyeka, an Okada rider, who drove this writer back to Osisioma junction spoke as if he had a meeting with the Keke Napep driver as he swore never to vote Daa Nkechi or anybody that resembles her.
“Are you a journalist? Now go and tell Daa Nkechi to find another occupation and leave representing us. It is a fait accompli that Daa Nkechi does not have our interests at heart. We are aware of her investments in Abuja and abroad. This time, we are looking at people who will live amongst us and invest here. We are indeed suffering here”, Onyeka cried out.

Getting into Umuapu Community in Isiala Ngwa South LGA where Nkechi Nwogu was born, behold an abandoned road that passed through her father’s compound.
When this writer accosted an old woman with a walking stick, she stated that the level of disappointment from Nkechi Nwogu is mind-blowing.
Hear her, “Nkechi was a good girl. I voted for her the last time. She visited me several times and I spoke to my daughters around the community and they obeyed me. I was their leader in this community. But, you see, age has come and I can only appeal to them. Nkechi will not go again”.

Then, Senator Nkechi Nwogu was a chairperson of different committees while in the Senate for eight years without some remarkable achievements, neither in Osisioma where she is being married to, nor Isiala Ngwa south where she was born, not that she was not given constituency allowance but because of her greed and love for wealth acquisition at the detriment of the constituents.

Regarding the recent NNPC pipeline explosion at Osisioma, it indeed exposed the self-centeredness of Nkechi Nwaogu.
It also differentiated the empathizers from sympathizers. The Twelve years the emeritus senator of the Federal Republic visited and left the people without any help or support or better still relief finance/materials.

It will surprise you to know that, Da Nkechi spent a whole lot of twelve years in the national assembly without any bill or motion to her credit, rather she was busy buying chieftaincy titles and G-wagon cars with our constituency money.

Next, this writer will focus on her acclaimed educational qualifications.


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