BREAKING: Tonye Cole Loses at Appeal Court


Mr Tonye Cole lost again at the Appeal Court.

The case in the lower court is a pre-election matter, we can’t go against the Apex Court decision. Our hands are tight.

The judge rules in the Appeal against the ruling of Justice Worgu of the State High Court:

This is a preelection matter. It has earlier been held by this same court in an appeal of the substantive matter: This court cannot seat against itself on the same matter.

When an appellant files a matter out of the stipulated time by the constitution, No matter how meritorious, the appeal becomes status barred.

It is unnecessary to continue on an appeal no matter the merit, which this court has held as status barred. It would be an exercise in futility to continue. It is thus status barred!

The judge says: *This is not a do or die affair. End this case and move on to something more meaningful.

The judge says: This matter is like plucking an empty coconut!

Thus, this appeal is hereby struck out!



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