Leadership Today by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor



(Excerpts) at the Day Two of the Ongoing National Assemblies Of God Leaders Retreat.

“Don’t think that you are the best Preacher in your District,don’t think that you became a Superintendent as a Result of being the Best Preacher”

“God Bypassed people more Healthier than you are,God even bypassed People more handsome than you are,……..even been born into your Tribe was not your Choice”

“Old Formulas may not Work and be Relevant at all Times”

“The Church is still in the Worlds Environment, immobility is not a realistic option in the World of Permanent Change”

“Every Assemblies of God Leaders must realize that he is a Leader for the enlightened and less literate Community”

“The Church must he awake by the madness of what I call” Pure Democracy ” One key Problem is what I call Over Democratization of the Church ”

“Today’s Leaders must not loose sight on the kind of Audience they Have”

“Assemblies of God Leaders must Understand that we have audience that are Internationally exposed”

“The Communication System makes the World look like a Village”

“No Superintendent has the right to bring a Minister who is not an Assemblies of God Person in his Pulpit with out authorization from the Headquarters, in the same vein,no Local Church Pastor has the right to bring in a Pastor who is not of the Assemblies of God Nigeria without Authorization from his District Leaders”

Leadership Goes with Criticism

“If you don’t want to be Criticised,whether they are Constructed or Destructive,then you have no Business in Leadership”

“Its Unthinkable that a Leader will grow to a Level where he becomes to Matured,too Old,too satisfied, too wise to Listen to People”


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