Assemblies Of Ordains 458 as Reverend Ministers for 2019


Assemblies Of Ordains 458 as Reverend Ministers for for 2019.

The General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria on Friday Ordained a Total of 458 as Reverend Ministers of the Church for 2019.

The Ordination held at the Evangel Camp Okpoto on Friday .

The General Secretary of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Godwin Akpan AMAOWOH while Presenting the Candidates said there were 47 feMale and 411 Males bringing it to a Total of 458 for the Year 2019.

Those Ordained today in Accordance with the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Church Successfully passed the Ordination Examination and Completed their Programs at the Ordination Induction Institute.

Assemblies Of God as a Denomination Ordaines Ministers after 10years of Graduating from the Bible School.

(Pst) Kalu Uche Kalu now Rev Kalu Uche Kalu took the First Bible Reading from the Book of Ist Timothy 6:6-16

The General Superintendent Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor in his message Congratulated the Newly Ordained Ministers.

“We bless the Name of the Lord for another Year,and we Appreciate God for another Ordination”

“I want to Congratulate these Ordination Candidates,especially you are being Ordained in the Year of the Gospel Bells”

“Its not an Easy thing to Answer A Reverend in Assemblies Of God Nigeria”

Speaking from the Book of Hebrew 10 on the Topic”Men and Women on the Streets of Hell”

“We have looked inside too much,this is the year of Looking Outside”

“Let every Believer realize this,if God will not judge sinners,then he will Apologize to Satan,If God will not judge Sinners,then let him apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”

“Men and Women on the Street of hell ,number one,if you are there relocate, number Two ,Ordination Candidates go and fetch them” He Said.

The Officers and Members of the Executive Committee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Ordained the them as Reverend Ministers of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria.


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