CHIMA Anyaso Taking Bende By Storm by Dan Uzoigwe



While his opponents are still undecided whether to commence campaigning or remain on social media with their futile propaganda, the Chima Anyaso Campaign trail seems to be firing on all cylinders. Barely four weeks to the election, the young energetic business mogul-turned politician has garnered for himself a cult following of the youth demographic in Bende.

His grassroots based campaign continues to successfully capture the minds of both the young and old in Bende.

The Charismatic, intelligent and goal oriented Chima Anyaso continues to steer his campaign away from the narrative of calumny and acrimonious campaign style of his opponents.

The successes recorded by His rallies and the turn out in his campaign events shows clearly that a PDP Victory in the House of Representatives race for Bende Federal constituency is imminent.

As we continue to observe, we hope Chief Chima Anyaso and his campaign Organization will remain focused and determined as they have been since the inception of this electioneering campaigns because a resounding victory awaits them.


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