And Bende decides ; matters that mattered for us. By Ndukwe Chibuzor.



We have compared the two candidates from their face value and have also done a deep analysis on what they both represent, their political parties, godfather interest, historical antecedents, relationship with people etc.

The two candidates are our brothers. We have had courses to relate personally with them. We have also been on cross roads and needed their attentions. We know who came to our rescue.

What do we really need as Bende federal Constituency?

Grammar lords ? god-sons ? Lawyers ?
Far from it. Bende needs someone who can relate to the needs of the people. Dr.Chima Anyaso of PDP and Barr.Ben Kalu of APC are unarguably the two major candidates that are on a horse race to over take each other.

It didn’t take us any extra effort to arrive at the conclusion on who to support considering their independent contributions to the growth of Bende federal constituency. Our politics is slight different from what is obtained elsewhere. Our arguments are hinged on performance, our campaigns are basically on issues and plans and our environment is large enough to contain everyone.

Anyone that could build a school from his personal pocket to be attended free of charge by pupils from all corners of Bende, has shown commitment to the future of Bende. This is no time to play funny party politics. Anyaso has given his all to see that his fellow youths are gainfully engaged in one form of job or another.

Dr Chima has empowered Bende youths through his skill acquisition programs and his foundation’s numerous interventions on Bende developmental projects.

We have seen him repair transformers, build houses for the less privileged, sponsor skill acquisition programmes, renivate schools and Churches . We have also seen him give advise to our youths, encourage hardwork and sponsor skill trainings.

Dr. Chima’s free school program has continuously ran for more than 10 years. That is to confirm that his magnanimity is not borne out of his quest to represent the good people of Bende. He has been consistent in his resolve to render help to our people.

Recently, Dr. Anyaso distributed over 200 motorcycles and 80 cars to Bende youths to enable them carter for their needs while taking advantage of other available skill trainings to get themselves equipped. Service to mankind and true leadership are evidenced through practical means not through grammatical promises.
The direct meaning of the above sentence is to critically examine the candidates and ask basic questions. If you are contesting against Anyaso, can Bende people know where you are coming from and what you have done for us that should give us an idea of what you can achieve while in the green chambers?

Just recently, Chima Anyaso’s foundation in collaboration with the Media department of the Chima Anyaso Campaign organization rolled out another program aimed at improving access to information and ICT compliance among Bende people.

The organization is giving 100 sets of GOTV decoders and Tecno smartphones to each of the thirteen (13) wards in Bende. Every eligible adult resident in Bende stands a chance to benefit from these Anyaso’s selfless venture.

To become ICT complaint is an added advantage in this 21st century where access to computer could guarantee a stable income if deployed properly. However, cost of gadgets and accessories have hindered many from venturing into tech world. Having someone like Dr. Chima Anyaso provide this huge opportunity, is a great sacrifice that Bende cannot appreciate enough than to support his aspirations.

These and other reasons count for our support for Chima. Governance must have a human face, it must be about the people and it must be about Sacrifice.

Bende will not make the mistake of disappointing Dr.Chima Anyaso.

Ndukwe writes from Igbere.


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