Abariba Enachioken Kingdom Endorse Senator Mao For Second Term



ON 26/01/2019.been Saturday the entire abriba son’s and daughters come out in masses and welcome the benevolent distinghised senator mao Arukwe ohuabunwa in their community both Ndi Eze ogo and Ndi inyom abriba in the visitation of the senator in land of abriba the was Received in the palace of HRH.Eze.K. K.Ogbu.

In opening speach the Ndi ezeogo of Abriba nnachoke thank the people’s Senator for His benevolent work in their community most especially on human capital development, Equipping their abandoned Health care centre’s wot of millions of Naira,securing Valuable pension job for their sons and daughters of abriba,securing political Appointment to their children.

HRH.Eze.Kalu,kalu Ogbu thank the people’s Senator for His hardworking not only in Abriba but in entire Abia North senatorial district the Eze urged the senator mao to continue his benevolent work and never mined the unusual challenges his facing from his opponents and in the same time the entire Ndi Eze ogo of Abriba nnachoke come together and pray to the senator and ask God to give him victory coming 2019!

After the conversation with senator in the palace Eze k.K.Ogbu then the entire Abriba nnachoke leads the senator at Erinma Hall Abriba were the entire Ndi abriba came together and thank Sen.MAO for the tusion fee He paid for their beloved daughter Erinma Eke who is in the department of Medicine and surgery,Abia state university, uturu abia state Nigeria.

Meanwhile the Ndi inyom abriba,out of excess happening they were at that moment they come together and pray to the people’s Senator and also ask God to give him long life and victory coming 2019 General Election.

The senator were accompanied by Dr.Meme okoro(SSG to Abia state),Hon.Bar.Gabriel Igboko(commissioner for SSME),Hon.Godwin Ndom,Bar.Austin Mbaka,Chief.J.J.Okoro(Secretary PDP Abia North senatorial district),Dr.Leo Ogba and many more digniteries were in presence..

Written By:
Engr.Isaac Nkole.


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