In this Month of February, You will Swim in the Ocean of his Glory Chidi Okoroafor Declares


In this February New Month of February, the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has declared it a Month of swimming in the Ocean of the Glory of God.

See his Mess below.

“Welcome to February 2019, the second month of the Year.

“I just bless the name of the Lord for what He did this January, it’s been a great preparation for the new Year. Now, you’ve stepped into 2019 second month, when the Lord will begin to intensively fulfill the promises He made to you this January”

Get ready the cloud is already bending. The Lord is prepared. I pray this particular month, that the Lord shall keep you, preserve you, shield you and cancel evey plans of the enemy over your life.

“The Grace of the Lord shall sustain you. No circumstance shall crush you,You will have Victory over every temptation. No trap, no trap of the enemy, No trap of the enemy shall catch you”

“You will swim in the ocean of His Glory, You will remain rapturable. I continue to pray for you that your Head will lack no oil, and your garment will remain permanently white ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”

“This month you will spread the good news under heavy anointing, Goodnews of the Gospel of the Kingdom with the attendance of testimonies that Will follow you”

” Go ahead, Spread it,Spread the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus is Alive. Jesus is Alive. Jesus Saves!! Jesus Saves!! May the Grace of the Lord rest upon you”

” Do not fear, Let nothing cause you to fear. He that keepeth you will neither sleep nor slumber”

He will be with you through out this month. 24 Hours, 7Days every week”

“We love you, we are praying for you”

I am Chidi Okoroafor. General Superintendent. Assemblies of God, Nigeria.

God bless you, Amen


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