OPEN LETTER To My Beloved Owelle Rochas Okorocha By Chima Obiwuru


Owelle why?

Your Excellency, I’m prompted to write you openly because I have followed you enough as a loyal apostle since 2005 to 2015 when I joined the train of the commander of job creation in the whole of Southeast and the undisputed incoming Governor of Abia State 2019, Dr. Uche Ogah and as such, I have the right to state my mind because I still remember with nostalgia your priceless sacrifice to our great party, the APC.

Sir, you will remember vividly my passion and my little contribution in cash and kind to your presidential ambition in 2006/2007 when you came second to our late honest President, Musa Yar’Adua. May his soul continue to Rest In Peace.

Your Excellency, you will also remember my little effort and contribution to your PDP chairmanship quest in 2008 through your former political adviser, Hon. Emma Okeme from Kogi State who is still alive today to attest to my postulations.

Your Excellency, in view of the above stated, please kindly permit me to make my points herewith. Yes, sir, arguably, you have raised the bar in governance of Imo state and nobody will take that away from you and posterity will be kind to you as a man who came, saw and conquered but……

I left OWERRI just this morning and last night, I moved round the city to behold the new city you have turned it to be.

Your Excellency, in 2014/2015, you were a lonely voice in the political wilderness of Igbo-land calling your kit and kins to join the national tripod called APC, but then, nobody listened to you. Yes, all have agreed now that you are a political seer indeed and one with rare eyesight able to survey over a million political miles with great accuracy.

Owelle, as far as I’m concerned, the Imo State governorship succession process was not properly done and you were not properly advised on the right choice within your loyalists.

Politics is a game of interest and number, I still feel that there is still room for amendment so that a common front can be forged for the collective good of all and sundry.

Owelle, you have built political legacy across geopolitical zones of Nigeria and need not to allow it die prematurely on the altar of a political newcomer.

Your Excellency, please retract your plans and let’s end the political siege in our dear Imo State.

Owelle, it is purely in your able hands to end the political hostility in Imo State.

Finally Your Excellency, in the course of your political journey in Imo State, I have never received any direct favor from you or through your agents, I have never asked and I’m not going to ask rather all I want is just the progress of Imo my Pride. I have always been an independent commentator and a supporter of uncommon leaders across board.


By the grace of God, I’m Chima Obiwuru (Aka Mr. Truism)


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