Senator Mao’s Performance In Abia North Is Too Tempting To Be Ignored – Mba Ukaha


Hon.Mba Ukaha have described the Performance of the workaholic senator Mao as too tempting to be ignored. Hon Mba ukaha in a statement to pressmen attribute senator Mao’s performance to his political foundation from house of representative to Senate.

The former house of Assembly member says it is unfortunate that the other senatorial candidate(s) are too blind to see that senator Mao is unbeatable as far as the 2019 senanatorial election is concerned.

“No Abia north would vote an inexperienced purported administrator who have no clue on Governance and the yearnings of his people. Aside being from my Party, Senator Mao is too down to earth, kind and understanding to trade for the rest candidates. Abia norths know the truth and are going to return him back to red chamber come 16-02-2019 this year.

We are focused, purpose driven and by far going to be victorious in the polls. There is still time for the other candidates to take a bow and support senator Mao as we as a party would embrace them as one zone. For the PDP candidates, it is a win win all over I can assure you”.


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