18 AGDSN Students Thank God For Cheating Death.

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It would gave been a Moment of Mourning for the Assemblies Of God Divinity School of Nigeria Old Umuahia,but God Intervened and Delivered 18 Student Pastors from a Dangerous Motor Accident on the 28th of January 2019.

The Students went for Mission Work in Orlu Imo State and on their Way back to Umuahia after the Mission Work,the Vehicle that they boarded Summersaulted 5Times and the Driver Died on the Spot.

It was really the plan of the Devil to waste them because the First Bus they boarded caught Fire,but the God of our Founding Father’s did not allow the whims of the Enemies to Materialize.

They are here to Say Thank You Jesus.

Let’s Thank God on their Behalf.

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