Bende Came Alive As Destiny Is About To Be Fulfilled

New Bende 2019

From the land of ITUMBAUZO, to the hills of ALAYI and to the mountains of AMAEDIARA NKPA, LOHUM, NGWU UZUAKOLI, UMUIMENYI NKPA, LODU, ITEM, IGBERE, etc came thunderous shouts of joy and jubilation. Songs were heard in the hinterlands and music and dances were composed and made in the towns and villages in BENDE the land of warriors, that the set time is birthed! As Chief CHIMAOBI KANU the SDP flag bearer for BENDE south state constituency, has drummed up support for DR CHIMAOBI DESMOND ANYASO during one of the PDP rallies in his home town Ngwu Uzuakoli. My people of bende, Once has God spoken, several times have we heard him that POWER BELONGS TO GOD AND HE GIVES IT TO WHOSOEVER HE WILLS IN HIS OWN TIME.

It is important for an average BENDE indigene and those living in BENDE to understand and appreciate what is at stake here: CHIEF CHIMAOBIM KANU is a strong SDP candidate but having made his empirical findings has found out that OFUJI NDI BENDE is the most suitable candidate for that position with undeniably evident potentials and that is why he actually spoke to his people of NGWU UZUAKOLI to follow the NEW BENDE which is progressive. People of BENDE federal constituency what else can I say all I have to say is that DR CHIMAOBI DESMOND ANYASO’S mandate is divine to rescue BENDE from the hands of AGBATA EKEE, GODFATHERISM, NEPOTISM AND OKIJA SHRINE. All those old politicians who had been in government without any tangible achievements are now returning to ask for our votes again. their ambition has no legitimacy and they should be ashamed to request for any vote again from BENDE people, because a vote for these old boy boy politician is a right to renew our suffering and pains in the hands of a failure. BENDE my people make no mistake.


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