Reveal: How Atiku ‘bribed’ Secondus with Intels Shares to secure PDP Ticket [DOCUMENTS]


The documents in our possession reveal that Intels, currently in a contract with the Nigeria Ports Authority[NPA].

The documents gotten contain CAC records that reveal the changes made and the Timing.


The latest financial statements of Intels for the year 2017 show the board of directors as:

Nasir Ado Bayero, Chairman
Prince Uche Secondus, Director
Volpi, Director
Andrea Caroll, Director

Meanwhile, Orlean Invest holdings, the mother company which has Intels as a subsidiary has on its board:

Atiku Abubakar
Gian Angelo Perrucci and,


waterm 1 1 - How Atiku 'bribed' Secondus with Intels Shares to secure PDP Ticket [DOCUMENTS]


We learned that the NPA contract will end next year, 2020, and would not be renewed.

According to a source, “this is Atiku’s main driver for this election. The source revealed; “He gave Secondus Intels shares to secure the PDP ticket. Huge Profits were made year in year out from 2010 when the 28 per cent deal was signed.”

Atiku is now reportedly keen on keeping this sweet deal beyond 2020 when the deal expires. President Muhammadu Buhari, with the introduction of Treasury Single Account (TSA) and the revelation of the adjustments, will not renew Intels contract.

CAC documents reveal that Secondus is now on the board of Intels. [See especially page 24 of the attached report which is reproduced below.]

INL is allowed to collect revenue on behalf of NPA.

From 20 per cent it went up to 28 per cent. Intels later wanted their commission increased to 35 per cent but that was rejected by the Federal government.


The twist in the matter is the fact that all the bigwigs of the PDP are reportedly out of the loop. Even the Director General of Alhaji Atiku’s campaign, Senate President Bukola Saraki, is said to have been surprised when the news broke.

It was widely rumoured that the conspiracy to hijack the party was exclusively between Governor Wike, Mr Secondus, and Alhaji Atiku. Even when Governor Wike was posturing as if he was in support of Governor Tambuwal for the Presidency, it was all with a view to hoodwink the Sokoto Governor. He reportedly has been left stranded and struggling to retain his seat as Governor of Sokoto State.

Having realised this, these party chieftains, who spent millions on their presidential primary bids, are not and have vowed revenge.

The rumblings in the PDP following the exposure of these documents are now threatening to derail Atiku’s presidential ambitions and cost the party heavily in the upcoming elections.

Already party chieftains have been grumbling that the party has been hijacked by newcomers – the presidential candidate, his deputy Peter Obi, and the Campaign DG Bukola Saraki are all recent defectors to the party, pushing aside loyal elders and statesmen.

“All of this is going to blow up in our faces very soon. I don’t understand how anyone can plot this kind of elaborate scheme and then expect that it will not backfire,” a highly placed source in the PDP disclosed.

“A lot of people are very very unhappy about this grand betrayal.”

[See the full documents attached Below]

Intel Doc 1-8-watermark (1)



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