Rivers APC Quagmire: The Implications And The Lessons By Prince Boms Obilor


Today, it is no longer news that APC the ruling party in Nigeria and the main opposition party in Rivers State will not be fielding candidates for the National Assembly Elections tomorrow 23rd Feb 2019.

This unfortunate fate, so many have responded to differently, thereby begging the issue and swimming in sentiments which have led them into unnecessary name calling. Some say it should be blamed on what they termed Sen Magnus Abe’s over ambition, while others are hipping it on Chibuike Rotimi Ameachi and calling him unimaginable names like “dictator” and “demi god”. This to me is childish and unnecessary.

Political benefit of the situation:

I think it is imperative to state that the current political situation of Rivers APC is of great benefit to the politics of Nigeria and particularly Rivers state. For me, there is FREEDOM in the polity now. It clearly tells everyone that everyone is important and should be considered in a decision that will affect them all. If a decision will affect us all, then all of us should be allowed in the process of the decision making.

Lessons Learnt:

To me I think the greatest lesson that can be drawn from the whole issue is that; anyone who has any legitimate ambition can canvas it, rally support for it and actually accomplish it not minding what “the leader” says or feels, and the leader must not take for granted the spirit of zeal, decision and the right of choice of followers.

Conclusively today, it may seem that nothing has happened but trust me history is made and the narrative of politics in Rivers has changed for better though bruises. Many political injuries have been sustained but trust me our rights have been reenforced and posterity will always be kind to Sen Magnus Ngei Abe, Ibrahim Umar and 22 Ors as well as all freedom fighters.

Just as Nelson Mandela is reckoned with the fight against apartheid, Sen Magnus Abe will be reckoned with the fight against”POLITICAL DICTATOR “.

Rejoice for our freedom has been achieved.



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