What is the Crime of the Ngwa Man in Abia ?

Abia State Governor Dr Okezie Speaking to the Press

The Issue at stake as Abians go to vote on the 9th of March 2019 is no longer the need to change a non performing Government but a deliberate attempt by some Abia North Politicians to render the Ngwa Nation into an ‘’Impudent Little Political Nation’’

For those who are not abreast with the Political workings in Abia State since 1999 to Date,this is the First Time an Ngwa Man will be testing the Governorship seat of Abia and no Governor has been removed after One Term in Office.

Dr Orji Uzor Kalu became Governor of Abia State in 1999,and by 2003,he was Re-elected to Serve for another Term of Four Years which elapsed in May 29th 2007,Chief Theodore Orji now Senator became Governor in 2007,and by 2011 he was re-elected as Governor for another term which ended by 2015,before the expiration some Cabals from Abia North wanted to seize Power by all means not until Senator Orji said for Posterity and Equity,let an Ngwa Man take over the reighn of affairs in Abia.

Aba the Commercial Nerve Centre is Located in Ngwa Land,wether Visitors occupy Aba or North,the fact remains that Aba is in Ngwa Land,what then is the crime of an Ngwa Man.

When Orji Uzor Kalu was the Governor of Abia State,you dare not express contrary Opinion about his Government and go free without bruises.

Dr Okezie Ikpeazu the Governor of Abia State has tolerated all manner of name callings which shows the disposition of a Leader,those who are opposing the Government of Okezie Ikpeazu are core enemies of the Ngwa Nation.

I am from Bende and cannot see white an call it Black,Okezie Ikpeazu has done well in the Areas of Education,Security,SME,Empowerment,Infrastructural Development among many others.

Every right thinking Abian should rise up and Defend the Mandate freely Given to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu by Abians in 2015 and stop Political Jobbers,Political Microcosm of Deceit and Empty Headedness being Championed by Orji Uzor Kalu.

What is Good for Old Bende is also Good for Ukwa/Ngwa.

The Opinion Expressed in this Piece does not Reflect that of PUO REPORTS but a Personal View of Promise Uzoma Okoro


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