Appeal Court Mocks Amaechi,Tonye Cole



“The hundreds of millions of naira you are using to sponsor “academic litigations” could have served you better if you invested it in Rivers youths to better their lives. It’s better to spend your money that way than to fritter it away in the hope that it can enable you to reap where you didn’t sow. It’s even against the word of God to make an attempt to reap from where you didn’t sow. This court will never lend its powers to you to achieve that ungodly desire”.

“You are a product of illegality. Delegates voided twice by a competent court of law, delegates who emerged from nullified congresses purportedly voted for you as inchoate Governorship candidate of Rivers APC. How could those delegates have placed something on nothing and you expected it to stand?”

“Your case is worse. You stand on the faulty foundation foisted by those who habitually attack the courts and flagrantly disobey court orders as if this blessed country is their Banana Republic. It is not so, and cannot be! This country is governed by laws. This court cannot bless those who abhor the court and those who have contempt for the judiciary”

“We totally condemn and resist your frail attempt to arm-twist this court into resurrecting Lazarus that was buried two thousand years ago when you know that Jesus Christ is no longer on earth. How do you think we can help you to pluck an empty coconut?

“ Stop attempting to hit our heads against our learned Senior brothers at the Supreme Court who correctly interred the remains of the indirect primaries group in Rivers APC. What is dead is dead and what has been buried has been buried. We can’t sit here and allow you to institute judicial chaos in our ranks as priests in the temple of justice”.

“Rein in your desperation now and have a deserved rest. Your appeal fails and is hereby struck out for being a mere academic exercise. Only universities accommodate academic exercise. Courts of law don’t do it”



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