Nigerian Army Destroy the Houses of 50 PDP Supporters in Rivers State


Soldiers of the Nigerian Army deployed for the March 9 , 2019 Governorship and State Assembly elections have destroyed 50 Houses of Prominent PDP members in Rivers State.

As at Thursday night, the soldiers damaged houses of PDP members in Omuma, Gokana, Ikwerre and other local government areas.

The House of Hon Kelechi Nwogu was destroyed in Omuma LGA, while that of Samuel Nwanosike was destroyed in Ikwerre LGA. The House of Moa was destroyed by the soldiers in Gokana LGA.

Hundreds of soldiers deployed from Sokoto have been on rampage across the state, arresting PDP members and destroying their homes.

The 6 Division is yet to respond to inquiries on the actions of the soldiers against PDP members.


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