Senator Abe Writes,thank Channels TV for Prompt Response,Apology


Following the apology of Channels Television to the Senator Representing Rivers South East Senator Magnus Abe over false Reportage, the SENATOR has again written to the management in appreciation over prompt Response.

Here is his Letter.

My sincere thanks to CHANNELS TV,
C/o the Chairman & CEO.
Prince John Momoh.,
My dear brother,

This is just a note to say “THANK YOU”.

Your prompt and professional response to our complaint was a class act, and journalism at its best.

I accept your apology, and though we were deeply hurt and embittered, your response is proof enough that no deliberate mischief was intended by Channels Television.

The matter is now laid to rest, and should only be mentioned from now on as an example of how a responsible news organization should handle an issue of this nature.

However, remember your promise to get to the bottom of the matter, if it was done maliciously or for profit, please push for maximum sanctions as a lesson to other bad eggs.

If it was indeed an innocent error then a more lenient approach with a system check and better training will help to improve your already excellent services.

Also, I hold you to your promise to air a fuller report of our story, it will help to give your audience a clearer picture of what actually transpired at the meeting.

Once again, thanks for the apology. It’s never easy to say sorry, that’s why only strong men apologize when they err.

Sincerely yours,

Sen Magnus Abe.


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