The Lord Shall Preserve You In This Month Of MAY – Chidi Okoroafor



In this Prophetic Declaration for the Month of May 2019,Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor said the Lord Shall Preserve You this Month and be with you in any of your Confused Junction.

Below is the Message.

“You are welcome to the month of MAY 2019.
The Fifth month of the Year. This month, You shall excel in your endeavors.”

“The Lord shall save you from complications.
He will overturn the concluded plans of the kingdom of darkness against you through the works of Men”

“The Lord shall show up this month, to save you from any confused junction. Don’t be afraid of any confused junction, the Lord shall show up, when confused junction craps up, the Lord shall save You. Yes, He will save you. He will guide you so that you will not make a costly mistake”

“He will lead you to a willing soul this month that will repent and surrender to Jesus.

“The Great Physician, I mean our Great Physician, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Uncreated Creator, our Great Physician,
His touch on your body shall overturn the Doctors reports. Are you afraid of the Doctor’s report? Are you afraid of the Diagnosis? Are you afraid of the last test that was carried out on you”

“I speak to you by the Authority of the word of God, and by the anointing of God’s Spirit, the Great Physician will touch you, and the touch of the Great Physician upon your life, upon your body shall overturn your Doctor’s report and you will have a pleasant surprise by the Grace of God”

“The Lord is on the throne and let me talk to you,
Your life is not in the hands of the devil, Yes!! The devil has no final say over your life, demons have no final say over your life, even mortal men , they don’t have final say over your life”

” I know He who holds the key, I know He who holds your life. He has promised He will preserve you, He will keep you and no evil shall befall you till the end of your life”

” I wish you the best, I’m praying for you. His Grace shall follow you,
The Lord Himself shall follow you through out this month, we love you, We are praying for you”

I am Chidi Okoroafor. General Superintendent. Assemblies of God Nigeria. God bless you


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