Re; When We Choose To Narrow Down The Scope – The Pseudonymous Kennedy Njoku Finally Unmasked: By Oriaku Oriaku

Bishop Kennedy Njoku


It has been an overtly apparent disposition, although, somehow enshrouded with trifling exaggeration that Kennedy Njoku is the shady cerebrum behind one pseudo account with the name “Abia integrity forum”.

Covering and managing irresponsiveness is like wielding a great fish pulled out of a great river onto a dry land, it may fret, fling and make a frightful bother,but it can never elope. All you need to do is stand still and watch as it dies by itself”.
However, dodgy and disreputable politicians like Kennedy Njoku would always lose control and unfurl their bad sides in due time, irrespective of how feignedly and pretentious their actions may be.

Laughably, Kennedy Njoku would have been in the right track and not be doing anything wrong if he was the reality actor of the Ragman Comic, a singer in the class of 50 Cent or a Formula 1 champion driver of sorts.

To imagine that he’s a politician and indeed an honourable member in the Abia State House of Assembly; defy all sense and sensibility. His job description, his behaviour and his irresponsible cyber activities and way of life are miles far from what an honourable member is expected to be. People like Kennedy Njoku are said to lack in principle and diplomacy. If he wasn’t a politician, he could have been a dubious character. It is so unfortunate that this is the caliber of person representing the good people of Osisioma north state constituency.

The good people of Osisioma north are disappointed by such inappropriate representation, and If they did not promptly slap Kennedy Njoku with immediate recall letter, it won’t be long before they become constituents of the most dormant, and slothful house member ever.

If we must continue to vote into power men who have previous history of diabolism and mobbish characteristics, then our file of development is under suspension until further notice.

Oriaku Oriaku is a lawyer and public analyst from Umuojima Okereke in Osisioma LGA.

To be continued…


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