Bishop Kennedy : Speakership of 7th Abia Assembly and how not to be Ungreatful

Rt Hon Bishop Kennedy Njoku the Member elect For Osisioma Ngwa North State Constituency


I have been watching as events unfold. All the while, I have refused to join issues with anybody. I am a Bonafide daughter of Osisioma and would not let any of my kinsmen to be led astray. Today, I can say it publicly that both Kennedy Njoku and those youths he is trying to procure to cause chaos on the day of inauguration of 7th House of Assembly are being led astray.

I am thinking that the ‘Bishop’ in his name is a nickname otherwise the first thing he should know is that it is devilish for any person to bite the fingers that fed him. Everything Kennedy is doing is to pull Engr Chinedum Orji (Ikuku) down not because Kennedy is rising beyond his myopic thoughts and nothing more. I am not against Kennedy’s ambition of becoming Speaker but I am everything against making it look like Osisioma people are bunch of ungrateful elements.

If there’s any person Kennedy should be grateful to, it should be Ikuku. Ikuku paved the way for him in 2015 to win a seat at the House of Assembly even when Kennedy was almost a non entity. The same Ikuku rallied round him against the wish of some of our people to push Kennedy to second term in 2019. Kennedy should look around Osisioma and tell us where he learnt how to be acutely ungrateful.

I know why Kennedy is so bitter. It is because Ikuku was neutral when he used his gossip and blackmail to push Martins out as Speaker. Did that ambition not crash within 24 hours? He was the led person collecting signatures from other members to push Martin’s ambition off the ladder, even when ikuku and other members want isialangwa south he insisted until his fake ambition crashed as the shortest speaker in the world.

I want to let the public know that Osisioma Youths will not be used to cause mayhem in Abia house. Kennedy is on his own and should start now to ask his church members how to ask for forgiveness when one behaves in a manner that shows acute ungratefulness.

Kennedy, Ikuku is ahead of you naturally. He helped you to rise. Despite all your efforts at inventing poor logic and witchcraft zoning system, Ikuku is a more competent person than you. You will discover this on the day your fellow colleagues will choose their Speaker.

Stop showing daylight witchcraft. Stop making our people look stupid and fetish before Abians. You can go and look for your likes elsewhere to recruit. Leave Osisioma youths in your vaulting ambition. Just know that very soon, the seed of discord you are sowing today will expose you as a man who is only clever by half. You hardly help people, otherwise, I would have said the ones you helped will show you heartbreaking ingratitude like you are showing Ikuku, the man who protected your interest when it mattered most. Think! Think Bishop

Miss Prisca Ubah
Umuokpoji village


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