In This Month June, God Shall Bless Through An Unexpected Source- Rev Chidi Okoroafor



In the Book of Luke gospel chapel 1 verse 26. The Bible says, ‘Now in the sixth month the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth. In the sixth month, Angel Gabriel, bringer of Good news was sent by God to a city named Nazareth. A city that was written off, it was in this sixth month that God decided to send Angel Gabriel, bringer of Goodnews, sent him to that city written off by men.

You will recall in the book of John Gospel chapter 1:44-46. Somebody said, can anything good come from Nazareth? I speak to you, you shall be a witness, an evidence that something good can come out of your family, can come out of your village and can come out of your community. Something good, Something good. I welcome you to the first day of the sixth month, that is June in 2019.

And I speak to you this month receive special courage to continue, God shall visit you through an unexpected source. God shall respond rapidly to that which you remember and serve.

The Lord shall carry you in His palms wherever you may go this month. Sin shall not have Dominion over you this particular month. God shall put a divine sensor in you that will enable doors to open on their own accord as you approach them. This is the will of God for you. Child of God because this year January, we have been talking about Gospel Bells.

This sixth month, just as the Lord sent Angel Gabriel in the sixth month in Nazareth, the Lord is sending you forth as a bringer of Good News, bringer of Good News to perishing sinners, bringer of good news to your family. Bringer of good news in your profession, through you they shall know the Lord through you, they shall be drawn to the Kingdom.

I want to encourage you to continue to see every sinner as a potential believer, continue to see every occultic man as a potential believer, and you shall not rest in Prayer and Evangelism until they come to the Knowledge of the Lord. Be careful, Be watchful. Be careful, Be watchful. The end time is drawing closer and closer and closer. And I have a prayer for you.that 24 hours, 7 days a week, you remain rapturable, we love you, we are praying for you.

I am Chidi Okoroafor.

General Superintendent. Assemblies of God Nigeria. God bless you!!!


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