Beginning from this July,God Shall Remove Disgrace from Your Path- Rev Chidi Okoroafor Declares


My dear Pilgrim, You are welcome to First July 2019.
The first day of the second half of the Year 2019.

Thanks be to God who successfully led you through the first half of the Year.
This half of the year we have stepped into, get ready for the fulfilment of all that God promised you, this Year 2019.

No matter how the first six months looked like, something good shall trail you in the next six months. God shall remove disgrace from your paths.

The Voice of the Lord shall guide you. Receive physical healing to your bodies, creative miracles, replacing the condemned parts of your body.
The hand of God is upon You to handle those pains, to handle those excruciating pains, by His stripes Ye are healed.
Just appropriate your healing.
This month may you maintain your Spiritual frequency. Let nothing tamper with your Spiritual frequency.
Your environment shall not swallow your Faith.
Receive extra ordinary determination to move ahead with your Faith without dent.
As you step into this half of the Year, don’t alter careless words, don’t say what you are not sure of.
Your words may put you into trouble if you use them carelessly. And I Want to crave your indulgence, this month set aside a day or two and be silent before the Lord, switch off your phones and social media and face God, He has something very Special to tell you.
And I wish you His Special Grace.
His Special Grace will preserve you throughout this month.

I love you. I am Praying for you
You are in the hands of the Trusted Father. The King of Kings. Uncreated Creator, and Immovable Mover,
No evil shall befall you. God bless you.

I am Chidi Okoroafor. General Superintendent. Assemblies of God Nigeria


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